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Updated: Aug 23

This modpack adds as many compatible addons that work well together from vatonage and many other creators. To play, you will have to download each addon and add them all to your world. You dont have to download all these addons, you can choose your favorites to add and it will work fine without them. If your world lags then create a new one with less mods.

Vatonage Addons:

Nether Expansion

Tinker's Awakening


Blood Magic

More TNT

More Biomes

Infinite Dungeons

Draconic Evolution

Custom Enchantments

Mineral Seeds

Item Exchange



Ore Trees

Survival Guns


Android Infusion

More Structures

Advanced Machinery

Weapon Cases

Loot Bags

Lucky Blocks

Mob Randomizer (adds a lot of weird mobs)

Ore Randomizer (20 recommended)

Ritual Magic (old addon)

Heart Containers (put at top of addon list)

(if you are the creator of any of these addons and want your addon removed from this list contact us and it will be removed)

Recommended Addons to Add:

Download Each Individual Addon

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