Battle for the Realm: Kings of the East Update

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A rift has opened and now all the universes in the Minecraft multiverse are combining into one. The Bishnell Empire is on a rampage to to conquer the globe. It`s now up to you to save the minecraft UNIVERSE!

Special Thanks to Sudo Meow for Voicing Lady Xiuying

This new update for Battle for the Realm/Dungeon Craft removes lag, adds in-game soundtracks, interactive npcs, new pets, new enemies, wars, new cities, and so much more!

If you haven`t heard of Battle for the Realm: here is the add-on`s main trailer!

For a fully written article on everything in Battle for the Realm, please read the MCPEDL page!

What`s New

The Kings of the East Update brings wars to Battle for the Realm! These huge battles between the Eastern Powers and the Bishnell Empire will occur in the nation of Zhongguo in the 1.17 version of the Add-On, or in a special biome replacing the savannah in the 1.18 version of the Add-On. All kinds of weapons are fielded in this war including war elephants, tanks, cavalry, airplanes, mechs, robots, and more! Join the Asian nations in their battle against Bishnell!

Also the Military Headquarters of Zhongguo (based on China) has been added to their nation! Come here to recruit Yin Xiao- Zhongguo`s most legendary general!


As requested by @Puriring on my discord server. These are Battle for the Realm`s first cute pet. These squishy marshmellowy creatures, if freed from Bishnell labs- make great companions! Find them in the Bishnell Empire in 1.17, or in the Europe biome in 1.18- and tame them with sugar!

Kyla`s Story Quest!

The first of it`s kind in Minecraft Bedrock! Join Kyla on a quest to take down a secret underground Bishnell base in Montepoli!

New Mobs and Mob Upgrades!

With Bishnell`s war on the Asian powers, they are mind controlling millions of enemy monsters to attack their enemies in the East! New, much more powerful enemies will spawn at night. These include enormous, hulking, Mega-Chocodiles, pure energy creatures known as the Ignis, and fire-breathing Overworld Ghasts.

Asian Militaries

The militaries of Asia have recieved significant upgrades! Better looking tanks, biplanes, cavalry, and all sorts of battleships, destroyers, and submarines. Join their vast 200 million man army- and push the Bishnell Empire out of Asia!

The Yamato Navy!

One of Zhongguo`s Scout Cavalry. One of the many cavalry units now in the add-on.

A Zhongguo Biplane! The Mughal Empire gets some too!

New and improved tanks for Yamato and Montepoli!

Vanderburg Elytra Combat Gear

Turn your elytra into a supermaneuverable monster killing machine! The Vanderburg Elytra Combat set gives you armor capable of fully covering your body whilst wearing an elytra, swords with gas engines for breaking your fall, and offensive elytra launchers!

In Game Soundtracks and Fixes to Lag!

Turn your music slider up to hear Battle for the Realm`s very own soundtrack- composed by me! For now there are 5 tracks, including my favorite creation- Zhangzheng burns bright! meant to depict the Battle between Asia and Bishnell!

On top of that there are fixes that greatly reduce lag including the reduction of mobs in cities, a limit to mobs per world, and rapid despawning for common non-human mobs!

If you wanna read a book about Battle for the Realms Lore... you can read my Official Lore Book- the Key of the Realm! And the upcooming comic book series when it comes out!

The Fully Illustrated Lore Book!

Key of The Realm
Download PDF • 18.14MB

Comic Series! Coming Soon!


Battle for the Realm (for 1.18+)

Battle for the Realm (for 1.17)

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