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Skilled Items

SkilledItems is an addon that adds almost 200 items to your game. Each item has a different and specific ability, thus making each item useful for something. they all have Very nice textures and various types of items such as: food, pickaxes, longshovels, HeavyAxes, Katanas, Hardswords, Spears, Slashblades, Ore Finders And several other items... This addon even has rituals, an extremely challenging crafting system, blades that will be used to make tools. This addon also has a new creature that can be summoned as explained in the Skilled Book Skilled Book

literally everything you need to know to progress with the addon is in this book.

Skilled Upgrader:

Avaliable for Hardswords and hardhammers

Before downloading I ask you to please watch the videos below, you will be much more excited to play this. =====Videos about the addon=====







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