Skilled Items

Updated: Mar 23

SkilledItems is an addon that adds almost 100 items to your game. Each item has a different and specific ability, thus making each item useful for something. they all have Very nice textures and various types of items such as: food, pickaxes, longshovels, HeavyAxes, Katanas, Hardswords, magnets, Ore Finders And several other special items... There are some items that you can't get only at the crafting table, to get the iron plate you need to break an iron block using the hammer, that's what it's for. When You put an iron plate in the furnace and it turns into a piece of steel. To get the magic feather you have a small chance of getting it by killing a chicken. And to get the bat wing you You need to kill a bat.. besides there are some recipes that are made in brewing, I'll show you now First you need to make the magic ring the way it is shown on the right. When you craft the same potions it is shown in the upper left corner, just put it together with the same magic ring is shown in the lower left corner...

Changelog 0.3.0

added HeavyPickaxes

Added Heavypaxels

New drill textures

Added recipes in smithing table

Added SpikeBalls

Added ore magnet

New hardsword Textures

New bigsword textures

And various other things...

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Addon Download RP/BP

=====Videos about the addon=====




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