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Set your minecraft game language to english

This map replicates skyfactory similarly to java edition sky factory but for bedrock. It has the addons advanced machinery, baubles, and loot bags. You start off on a floating island with nothing but a tree, and you end up making a factory and beating the ender dragon. Start by crafting a crook to collect the leaves then craft a hammer to convert cobblestone into gravel.

Included Addons:

  • Advanced Machinery

  • Android Infusion

  • Baubles

  • Chickens

  • Custom Enchantments

  • Item Exchange Balanced

  • Loot Bags

  • More TNT

  • Ore Seeds

  • Ore Trees

  • More Generators

  • Survival Guns

  • Tinkers' Awakening

  • Magic

  • Blood Magic

New in V4

  • Machinery Weapons

  • Industrial Machinery

  • Calamity

  • Musical Weapons

  • Battle Pets

  • Nether Expansion

  • Draconic Evolution

  • Crazy Tools

  • Crazy Weapons

  • More Gear

  • Blasters

  • Christmas Presents

  • Element Exchange

  • Basic Machinery

Recommended Addons:

This map will work just fine in multiplayer so feel free to invite some friends to play.

Set your game language to English

(To Upgrade from V3 to V4 just download all the mods included and put them on the world above the skyfactory addon and it will override the older versions)

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