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StoneFactory Modpack

Set your minecraft game language to english

In this modpack you start in a world full of stone and you can make a factory, defeat new bosses, spawn structures, craft rings and amulets, and many unique machines. Start off by crafting a hammer and mining stone into gravel.

Included Addons:

  • Advanced Machinery

  • Parasites

  • Battle Pets

  • Nether Expansion

  • Musical Weapons

  • Calamity

  • Christmas Presents

  • Machinery Weapons

  • Element Exchange

  • Basic Machinery

  • Furniture

  • Refined Storage

  • Blood Magic

  • Draconic Evolution

  • Vatonage Magic

  • Survival Guns

  • Power Generators

  • More TNT

  • Custom Enchantments

  • Item Exchange

  • Ore Trees

  • Baubles

  • Weapon Cases

  • Android Infusion

Recommended Addons:

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