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More Tools Addon

This addon brings 35+ armor type to your game, 20+ decorative blocks and 720+ new tools to play with. Feel free to enjoy these items in survival as you like. The goal of this addon is just to give you that vanilla vibe nothing more nothing less. Fully survival compatible!

Add-on Description/Documentation

Latest Update!


Warden/Echo is very hard to craft requires you to go in Ancient City for echo shards and sculk catalyst in The End for enderite ingots and in Nether for netherite ingots it's the best material in the game in both original / balanced packs.

The armor glows in the dark like the Warden(will not glow when enchanted)

recipe ingot

recipe armor

recipe tools

Added new section on this page about the 'Ore Generation Info'(work in progress)

Updated frozen armor and frozen tools(1.18.30)

Updated frozen armor and frozen tools(1.18.30)

-a full set of frozen armor will turn water to ice blocks(warning it is not meant to last forever you better walk fast)(but it can work for that to)

-snow tools will give Slowness V effect for 5 secconds on attack

Updated magma armor and magma/magma cream tools(requires 1.18.30)

-a full set of magma armor will turn lava to magma blocks(warning it is not meant to last forever you better walk fast)(don't stay in the middle of the lava friendly advice but if you want you can didn't really test that much)

-magma or magma cream tools in your hand will give Fire Resistance effect

Updated uranium armor and tools effects(requires 1.18.30)

-standing near a full set of uranium armor will give nausea within 7 blocks

-uranium tools will give Poison II effect on attack for 5 secconds

Updated soul armor and tools effects(requires 1.18.30)

-full set of soul armor will give Weakness II to all entities within 6 blocks

-soul tools will give Wither I on attack for 15 secconds

Updated soul textures(also the color now matches vanilla soul color palete)



Added new item soul ingot to craft soul armor and tools(recipe for ingot will require 9 souls in upgrade bench)

Updated soul recipes now armor and tools require soul ingots(smelt soul sand or soul soil)

How to get souls(smelt soul sand or soul soil)

How to craft tools

How to craft armor

How to craft apples


-steel scythe was missing recipe

-recipe for powered rails with rose gold ingot as an alternative to gold ingot had the same identifier as vanilla one.


-removed the warden test funtion for the upcoming items can still be optained with /give command (echo/warden)

-soul block will now emit light level of 4 in the dark

-all items from balanced and original pack can now be repaired with itself in anvil.

-features and feature rules from original pack were updated to better match balanced pack

Tool Sets

overpowered => weak

Blazed Quartz Tools (crafted model like any other tools in minecraft)

damage range: 16 => 6

durability high

recipe example(upgrade bench)

Enderite Tools

damage range: 15 => 12

durability high

recipe example:

recipe example ender stick:

Ametyst Quartz Tools

damage range: 14 => 10

durability high

recipe example (upgrade bench)

recipe example quartz stick (upgrade bench)

Battle Axe Set

Recipe Example

Hope you like the add-on!


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