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Basic Machinery


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  • TheBombBard

This addon adds 30 new machines that can be connected with power cables, fluid cables, gas cables, and conveyors. Finally cables have come to bedrock edition and I plan on adding a bunch of new features to this addon. This addon should work fine with other addons and you can have it in modpacks. Make sure you enable the experimental world settings and set your minecraft game language to english.


  • Conveyor

  • Power Cable

  • Fluid Cable

  • Gas Cable

  • Coal Generator

  • Drill

  • Battery

  • Block Breaker

  • Cobblestone Generator

  • Crusher

  • Fluid Tank

  • Lava Generator

  • Steam Generator

  • Powered Fisher

  • Powered Furnace

  • Quantum Miner

  • Solar Panel

  • Gas Condenser

  • Fluid Pump

  • Exp Transmitter

  • Gas Absorber

  • Gas Chamber

  • Fluid Separator

  • Hydrogen Generator

  • Trash Can

  • Exp Generator

  • Plastic Refinery

  • Oil Rig

  • Oil Generator

  • Item Magnet

  • Freezer

  • Monster Masher

  • Milk Generator

  • Power Upgrader

  • Advanced Battery

  • Heavy Press

  • Nether Quantum Miner

  • Silicon Factory

  • Nitrogen Extractor

  • Ammonia Mixer

  • Impact Reactor

  • Geothermal Generator

  • Explosion Generator

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Erez Kfir
Erez Kfir
2 days ago

There's a bug which the flued separater only gives hydrogen even if you put in oil


Idk why but the cables aren't showing (I'm playing the modded one block Skyblock it could be because of 1.20.60 being a new version bugging the mod but idk 🤷‍♂️

Replying to

yeah it's a texture glitch, I'm getting it too on my SkyFactory; it somewhat renders in inventories but not at all in the hotbar


VH Ender
VH Ender
Feb 16

Hey vatonage, this add-on didnt work on Minecraft, every MACHINES broken please fix this


Does anyone know why the cables aren't connecting?


is this backward compitble with advanced machinery

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