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Basic Machinery

Updated: Oct 12

This addon adds 8 new machines with 3 tiers each to your world which can be used to help automate the production of certain items. 5 of the machines require power and 3 of them produce power.

Machine Types

  • Solar Panel – Slowly generates power for free

  • Combustion Generator – Generates power by using coal on it

  • Drill – Breaks blocks below when powered

  • Void Miner – Generates ores when powered

  • Auto Farmer – Generates food when powered

  • Crusher – Crushes cobblestone above it into ores when powered

  • Nuclear Generator – Quickly generates power for free

Each machine comes in 3 different tiers, so there are 24 machines in total.

New Ores

  • Copper Ore – Spawns similarly to iron

  • Uranium Ore – Spawns similarly to diamond

The new ores can also be obtained from the void miner or crusher. Many of the new machines require these ores to be made. The ores can be crafted into block form or nugget form.


When you craft the machines they come in a barrel, simply break the barrel to set up the machine. They will all appear in your ingame crafting menu. Each machine has a unique crafting recipe which includes 1 controller of the corresponding tier, the controller recipes can also be found in the recipe book.

Transferring Power

When glass is placed next to a power generator, the power will be put onto the glass. The glass will then transfer the power like a cable.

Conveyor Belts

Glazed magenta terracotta will transfer items in the direction it is facing.

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