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Not Enough Teleporters

This Add-on should work 1.20.70 and up. If you have any issues/feedback, send it in the discord server: (This Add-On is currently not realm compatible due to it requiring the Beta ScriptAPI toggle)

If there is a critical issue with the Add-On, please either send me a DM (diamondruler) or tell me in the comments of this page.

How to Setup the pad:

First you have to get ahold of a Teleportation Pad, from there you'll need some dye.

You right click the Pad with your dye of choice, and the center of it will make a pattern with that color. This will be what you step on to teleport you to the landing location.

The next thing you need to do is create the landing location. You're going to repeat the same steps as before, but this time you're going to use the Telepad Landing Activator on it. Once complete, you should see particles start to form around the Pad, this means it is now a landing site.

How to use it once set up:

Your setup is now complete! All that's left is for you to do is to step on the one without the particles. Once you do so, it should teleport you to the one with the particles. You WILL NOT teleport if crouching, this has been done to prevent accidental teleports.

The Pads are color specific; you can't teleport red to blue. Only blue to blue, red to red

The Pads have infinite range

The Pads are not able to be used between dimensions, overworld to overworld, nether to nether, end to end

This Add-On is compatible with ALL Add-On's


PC/Mobile Device: Download the mcaddon file to have it instantly load into game. If that doesn't work, download the zip file and place the BP/RP folders inside it into their respective folders in com.mojang.

Xbox/PS/Switch: Create a world on your PC/Mobile device with the Add-On on the world. From there, have your Console account join it.

Do not steal any textures or claim them as your own

If you use huge chunks of my code for whatever reason, just credit back to this page, the CurseForge page, or the DL page

Do not repost this Add-On to any other site without my permission (As a side note, this Add-On is on the DL and CurseForge, where it has been posted by me)

You can make a video on this Add-On as long as it leads back to either this page, the CurseForge page, or DL page


athanhthewindowbooker - Creator of the textures/models

cryptoking8087 - Creator of the script

fluffyalien - Helped fix the script when it broke due to 1.20.70, also taught me how to move some stuff over to scripting

elektrika - Gave ideas/feedback on the thumbnail to make it better

The rest I did myself, if there is anyone I forgot to credit, please DM me and I will add you name to this list


Supports 30 languages

Fixed the camera resetting when teleporting

Removed teleportation radius limit, infinite

The Teleportation Pads are now dimension specific

Lessened the code dramatically, moved a lot of things over to scripting

Temporarily removed durability, will come back in a later update

The toggles required have been changed, check the image above for more info

Sound issues have been fixed

Teleportation is no longer laggy

Teleportation Entity no longer catches fire

You land on the pad now, you don't fall

Removed Steel, Steel Sticks, Trithorium Crystal Shards, Orange Cloth, Steel Drill Bit, Steel Drill Motor, Steel Drill Bit

You can mine the Teleportation Pad & Trithorium Ore in 5 seconds without a tool, this is due to Creators not having the ability to make custom blocks work with Vanilla tools

Important: This Add-On does not use ticking area's, it uses Tick World, which can be used infinite times.

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