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Toast Engineering 2, V3

Have you ever thought that making machines should be more intricate and complex? Toast's Engineering 2 expands on the ideas of the first addon and makes things more manual to fit the basic machinery feel. With this addon, Basic Machinery and its expansions should feel a lot more balanced to achieve and you will feel more accomplished when creating these complex machinery! While Toast Engineering does work by itself, there is no purpose and should be used with at least Basic Machinery. Supported Addons:

Addon was created in V1.18.12 but now updated for 1.19! of Minecraft

Twitter: New Discord Server:

When adding add-ons make sure that Toast's Engineering 2 is on top of the Basic Machinery addons so it can override its recipes!

Make sure these options are turned on when creating a world.

Tin and Silver Ores

Tin and Silver are new ores added in this addon to help construct machines. Tin

  • Tin can be found from y 70 ~ 8, in stone.

  • Tin is mainly used for temperature-related machines

  • Mined with stone or above


  • Found in y 8 ~ -64, Only in deepslate.

  • Silver is mainly used in later staged machines.

  • Mined with iron or above

(No stalactites as those cause massive lag in 1.17 and up.) Smashing Table

There is now a new method for getting plates and wires! First craft the Smashing Table

From there put 2 of any ingot that you're trying to make into a plate:

Smash with a Smashing Hammer

And finally, if it can be turned into a wire using a wire cutter while the plate is on the smashing table to make a wire.

Toast's Engineering combines both its own resources and resources made in Basic Machinery to help create different components of machines. In Toast's Engineering 2, I've split machines up by tier: Tier 1 ~ Iron Plate

With tier 1 machines, machine bases are not necessary. These are the very basic machines meant to set up for the next tier. In tier 1, the generators are very manual. You have the options of:

  • Coal Generator

  • Lava Generator

The goal of this tier is to make plastic to make a machine base and start oil production.

Tier 2 ~ Machine Base With tier 2 machines most will require a machine base. You will unlock a few useful machines that'll help automate your Minecraft world. Generators and other electrical stuff unlocked:

  • Oil generators

  • Solar Panels

  • The ability to upgrade power

The end goal of this age is getting silicon to create circuit boards!

Tier 3 ~ Advanced Machine Base

With tier 3 you access the rest of the machines that require advanced power or are in general overpowered. You get access to all generators included in V4 and any upgraded power-related machines. Recipes are particularly expensive to balance the machine's perks. Also, other expansion pack machines are put into their respective categories and balanced for their perks!

Refined Storage has also been generally made more complex and expensive to make. For Advanced Machinery, you will need to create the Advanced Machinery Table.

Once you make it, you will have access to Advanced Machinery Machines (Even if they are slightly outdated)

V3 Changes

Tin is a lot more common!!! - There is now a 75% chance of getting Tin to spawn! Still quite rare tho

Updated Advanced Machinery Sieve to Support Toasts Engineering and to update it to 1.19 loot pool!

Updated Support for Advanced Storage Network!

Now it requires you to have plastic and to have gone to the Nether!


Toast Engineering V2 RP

Toast Engineering V3 BP

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