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Basic Machinery Expansion

Basic Machinery Expansion is an expansion to the addon Basic Machinery. Basic Machinery Expansion adds lots of new machines, features, power generators, and more. This addon requires 1.19+

Showcase (v1.0.2)

Showcase (v1.0.0)


  • Pylon - allows you to teleport to another pylon from anywhere in the world, pylons do not have to be loaded to be teleported to. Takes upgraded power (punch to interact, crouch + punch to pick up)

  • Power Transmitter - transfers power to another linked transmitter. Link transmitters by punching transmitter 1 and punching transmitter 2, transmitter 2 will now transfer power to transmitter 1, do it the other way around to transfer power between both. Takes any power from the top and outputs from the bottom (broken)

  • Power Downgrader - downgrades upgraded power into 5 normal power. Takes upgraded power from any side except the bottom and outputs normal power from the bottom

  • Nuclear Reactor - takes up to 4 reactor rods at a time, each reactor rod generates 15 upgraded power. Deals damage when within 5 blocks if it is active

  • Chopper - destroys trees 2 blocks above it when powered

  • Passive Spawner - spawns passive mobs when powered, has a 5s cooldown

  • Hostile Spawner - spawns hostile mobs when powered, has a 5s cooldown

  • Nether Spawner - spawns hostile nether mobs when powered, has a 5s cooldown

  • Hydrazine Mixer - converts hydrogen and ammonia into hydrazine, outputs hydrazine from the top

  • Hydrazine Generator - converts hydrazine into upgraded power

  • Advanced Solar Panel - passively generates power 4x faster than a normal solar panel

  • Hydro Generator - converts water to power


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