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Better Machinery

Updated: Feb 20

Better Machinery is an expansion addon for basic machinery. It adds suggested machines for basic machinery into minecraft. This addon should work fine with other addons and you can have it in modpacks. Make sure you enable the experimental world settings and set your minecraft game language to english.


  • Advanced Solar Panel

  • Ultra Solar Panel

  • Converter

  • Advanced Trash Can

  • Heater

  • Heat Cables

  • Auto Smelter

  • Auto Cooker

  • Better Battery

  • Healing Post

V2 machines:

  • Atom Pipe

  • Atom Extractor

  • Atomic Solar Panel

  • Better Advanced Battery

  • Atom Creator

  • Feeder

Beta Machines:

  • Heated metal: stores 15 heat

  • Heated Iron: stores 8 heat


  • Atomic ingot: edible seems tasty

  • Titanium armor: 10 defense per item

  • Cobalt axe: a very fast axe

  • Cobalt pickaxe: a very fast pickaxe

Addon Download


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