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Updated: Jan 3


Developed by: Vex & Clouddspiderr

Do you ever feel like something is m i s s i n g from the nights in Minecraft? Maybe just want to something new and immersive? Try lighting up your world with FIREFLIES!

bum_Fireflies adds Fireflies to the nights of Minecraft!

You will usually find them wandering about in small swarms as they explore the night skies! We've also done our best to make them feel as much like vanilla content as possible, with meticulously hand-crafted appearances and behaviors! Not only do they come in different sizes, but they also come in different colors! Some colors are less common than others and some only spawn in certain biomes! The best part? You can catch and display them!

Fireflies can be tempted and bred with glowstone dust; when two fireflies breed they make an a d o r a b l e tiny baby firefly! I'm trying to think of ways they could be useful as tamed pets. Sure it'd be cool just to have a pet firefly follow you around but.. what would be the utility? (suggestions in comments?)

As previously mentioned, Fireflies can also be caught with glass bottles! Simply interact with it while holding the bottle! When caught in a bottle they can be released anywhere by using the firefly bottle on any surface.

You might be wondering how to display them in a glass jar, huh? Okay, here's how:

First, get sandy because you need some glass. You'll want to craft a new block added by this addon called a Glass Jar. It's crafted with a glass bottle and glass panes.

Next, you need to go kidnap a firefly from the wild! Once you have a Bottled Firefly, interact with the Glass Jar and it will be put inside the Glass Jar for display! Perfect for collectors!

If you want to take it out of the Glass Jar, simply interact with the Glass Jar with an empty glass bottle and the firefly will be returned to the bottle! It's also important to know that while a Firefly is inside the Jar, it cannot be broken or moved!

... And that's about everything at the moment!


Real-life Fireflies bring a sense of wonder and whimsy to temperate, summer nights and are increasingly threatened by extinction due to climate change - do what you can to protect them, their environment, and everything else that also calls this planet home - there is no Planet B!!


NOTE: THIS ADDON REQUIRES 1.18+ ! Remember to turn on experimental toggles:


:: ADDON CONTRIBUTORS ::Vex ( @Vex#3442 ) —-: pixel art and design. – Clouddspiderr ( @clouddspiderr#8523 ) —-: behaviors and design.


:: DISCLAIMER! YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE THIS ADDON: 1. In PRIVATE Modpacks! 2. On Youtube! 3. To Edit/Modify/Learn From. ... AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT!! (- is that so much to ask? c: -) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS ADDON: 1. In Public Modpacks. 2. On Other Websites. 3. To Profit/Make Money.


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Please leave any ideas, suggestions, or complaints below! Your criticism helps us grow!

until next time.... Stay safe, have fun, and keep on blockin'!


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