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Updated: Jan 3

Are you tired of the same-old boring crops in Minecraft? Want to try something fresh and new?

Look no further! Improve your worlds with the finest crops addon for Bedrock Edition!


Developed by: Vex & Clouddspiderr

Do you want more varieties of crops in your world? Tired of sub-par crop addons that are buggy or simply.. don't work? Try bum_Crops! Your new favorite crops addon!

bum_Crops introduces 14 new crops to your worlds that can be accessed both in survival and creative modes! These crops are actual blocks and behave identically to vanilla crops; being planted with seeds, and then gradually growing over time until ready to harvest! You can also use bone meal to speed the process up. Just like vanilla crops! Each crop has been hand-crafted with special attention given to their appearances and utility; ensuring they fit with vanilla features aesthetically and mechanically. In addition to crops, this addon adds a new brewing mechanic, as well as a multitude of new craftable foods that will be sure to spice up your survival!

So if you're still reading; you probably want to know what crops are currently included in the addon.. Well, here's a comprehensive list of all the crops for you!



A delicious, healthy crop that is best served fried! Asparagus crops grow in 5 stages and are grown from Asparagus Seeds. Asparagus will ONLY grow on Sand! You can cook Asparagus in a Smoker or Furnace for Cooked Asparagus!


The tall, hardy corn plant; a staple of diets everywhere! Perfect for corn mazes! Corn crops grow to be two blocks tall! Growth takes longer and has 7 stages. Grown from Corn Seeds. Corn will only grow on Farmland, Dirt, or Podzol. You can cook Corn in a Smoker or Furnace for Cooked Corn!


Grapes are a classic, sweet fruit grown on vines! Growth has 6 stages. Grown from Grape Seeds. Grapes will only grow on Farmland, Dirt, or Podzol. Grapes are a key ingredient in the brewing of Wine! Also can be used to craft Grape Jam!


Hops are an ancient crop essential in the production of beers and ales! Growth has 5 stages. Grown from Hops Seeds. Hops will only grow on Farmland, or Dirt. Hops are a key ingredient in the brewing of Ale!


Peppers - providing flavor and regret through the centuries! Growth has 5 stages. Grown from Pepper Seeds. Peppers will only grow on Farmland, Dirt, or Podzol. The primary ingredient for crafting Chili!


The iconic tropical fruit; delicious, healthy, and tangy! Growth has 3 stages. Grown from Pineapple Seeds. Pineapples will only grow on Farmland, Dirt, or Podzol. Can be used to craft Pineapple Jam!

Red Cabbage!

Red Cabbage is essentially just normal cabbage, but more fabulous. Growth has 5 stages. Grown from Red Cabbage Seeds. Grapes will only grow on Farmland, or Dirt. The primary ingredient in Cabbage Stew!


Easily one of the most delicious crops you've never heard of! Growth has 3 stages. Grown from Rhubarb Seeds. Rhubarb will only grow on Sand. The primary ingredient to crafting Rhubarb Pie!


Shrooms - healthy, recreational, and fascinating! Growth has 3 stages. Grown from Other Shrooms. Shrooms will only grow on Mycelium, or Podzol. Grants jump boost, slow falling, and nausea when eaten. Harvesting will sometimes also produce Yeast!


The sweet summer classic! Who doesn't like strawberries?! Growth has 4 stages. Grown from Strawberry Seeds. Strawberries will only grow on Farmland, Dirt, or Podzol. Can be used to craft Strawberry Jam!


Once thought to be poisonous; now a staple in foods from nearly every culture! Growth has 5 stages. Grown from Tomato Seeds. Tomatoes will only grow on Farmland, or Dirt. Cannot be eaten; but can be thrown!


The strong and humble Turnip! Strong like Ox, comrade! Growth has 5 stages. Grown from Turnip Seeds. Turnips will only grow on Farmland, or Dirt. Can be cooked in a Smoker or Furnace to craft Cooked Turnip.


One of the most delicious vegetables there are! Second only to Squash! Growth has 5 stages. Grown from Zucchini Seeds. Zucchini will only grow from Farmland, Dirt, or Podzol. The primary ingredient to crafting Zucchini Bread!


A classic, sweet berry grown on trees. Commonly seen atop Ice Cream. Grown from Cherry Trees. Cherry Saplings can be gotten from wild cherry tree leaves or the Crop Trader.

... and that's all of the crops.. so far!

There's also a whole slew of recipes you can craft using the crops, with more to come! But I'm not going to spoil all of those here! Craft them for yourselves and see! c; All recipes can be found in the recipe book!

All items are obtainable in survival. While some stuff can be crafted or found in the overworld, most seeds and items can be purchased from our custom Crop Trader; The Aimless Horticulturist. She's a wonderful, friendly trader who sells and buys seeds and crops! She only carries five items at a time so be sure to check up with her stock whenever you see her! She can spawn anywhere that animals can spawn and is fairly common!

There are also a few structures which will generate naturally in your world. One is a small farm shack with a few of the custom crops planted outside of it. The other is just the Cherry Trees.



Learn to master the brew!

With version 1.6.0, the Brewing Update arrived in bum_Crops! This update brings a brand new, complex brewing mechanic that allows players to brew various types Ale, Mead, and Wine. There are currently 27 different possible brews; each with their own ingredients and effects! The process for brewing is slightly complicated and requires a few precursor ingredients, depending on what type of brew you're trying to make. I will give a brief explanation of the process below.

First of all, no matter what we're brewing, we need to start with some water and sugar to prepare yeast for fermentation. At a Crafting Table, use bottled water and sugar to craft Sugar Water. Once you have the Sugar Water, we're going to move to a Brewing Stand.

Put the Sugar Water into the bottom slots and for the reagent, we're going to put Yeast. By mixing Yeast and Sugar Water, we're priming the yeast for fermentation and producing Activated Yeast. If you don't have any Yeast, it can be sometimes found as a byproduct when harvesting shrooms. Alternatively, you can produce Yeast with bottled water and wheat at a Brewing Stand.

Now, depending on if you want to make Ale, Mead, or Wine; this next step will be different. For the sake of simplification, i'm just going to show Ale. You will want to keep your Activated Yeast in the bottom slot of the Brewing Stand, and for brewing Ale you will put in Hops as the reagent. For Wine, replace Hops with Grapes, and for Mead, use Honeycomb. This will produce a base for your final brew. With Ale, you get a Wort Base.

Now that you have your Wort Base (or fermented grapes/fermented honey) you will need a Keg block. If you do not have one, you can craft a Keg with a Barrel at a Crafting Table. Once you have your Keg placed, interact with it and you will see a bunch of recipe options in your recipe book for producing "Ale". Each recipe will produce a unique blend with unique effects. To get the most out of your brews, you'll want to keep track of what batch is what and what effects different ingredients produce! Learn to master the brew!

Works great on servers and is perfect for economy roleplay! Figure out a good recipe? Brand it and sell to other players. STONKS! Before you know it, you'll have competing breweries on your server! We have plans to expand and add even more brew types and recipes in the future so please share your opinions and ideas! We may add a way to customize brew bottles using dye, to further customize and distinguish your batches and brands!


NOTE: THIS ADDON REQUIRES 1.18+ Remember to turn on all experimental toggles:


Developers - Vex ( @Vex#3442 ) ----: pixel art, models & design. - Clouddspiderr ( @clouddspiderr#8523 ) ----: behaviors & design. Special Thanks - TempPenguin ----: pineapple textures. - Hiro Akiba ----: strawberry+strawberry jam textures. - Mr_Fang ---- Chinese Translations.


:: DISCLAIMER! Please only support original content hubs instead of websites that rely on theft/stealing content. If you're stealing this content to upload on your own site, please reflect on your life choices. Be better. The artwork and other assets are original and were created by bumTeam. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO USE THIS ADDON: 1. In PRIVATE Modpacks! 2. On Youtube! 3. To Edit/Modify/Learn From. ... AS LONG AS YOU GIVE CREDIT!! (- is that so much to ask? c: -) YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO USE THIS ADDON: 1. In Public Modpacks. 2. On Other Websites. 3. To Profit/Make Money.


Follow me on twitter for sneak peeks, updates, and more bum stuff! Do you enjoy my content? Consider donating some pocket change to my kofi fund!



Download Addon

Download Zip


Please leave any ideas, suggestions, or complaints below! Your criticism helps us grow!

until next time....

Stay safe, have fun, and keep on blockin'! -bumTeam

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