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Turtlemancy is a magical mod where you can delve deeper into this magic, becoming friends or enemies with turtles.

⚠️🚨 ATTENTION: If you want to record this add-on, leave me credit, along with the download link, the link on this page. Otherwise, I will take appropriate measures in the case.

Getting Started

Go to a beach and look for a sand with an oyster on it, when you have found it, click on it and you will get an oyster and clear the sand.

It is essential that you have a lot of these oysters as you must use many of them throughout the add-on.

To get started, create the add-on's sourcebook, called the Turtlenomicon, by attaching a book to the oyster.

Everything you need to know about the add-on will be there, to close it use (RIGHT CLICK + SHIFT).

Important Features

Give Blessing/Curse

To gain the turtle's blessing, you must interact with it with a Kelp in your hand (50% Chance Drop).

To gain the turtle's curse, you must interact with the Magmatic Turtle with a Magma Cream in your hand.

IMPORTANT: If you have already interacted with a sea turtle, you will have to kill it to be able to interact with the magmatic turtle, to return to the side of good, you must do a ritual that is on the last page of the book.


You launch this bubble with any type of turtlemancer's wand. Capture mobs and players for 5 seconds, this bubble grants the player life regeneration, instantly.

Evil Bubble

You cast this bubble with any type of dark turtlemancer wand. Capture mobs and players for 5 seconds, this bubble grants the player damage.

Get Little Fragment of Bedrock

To obtain a Little Fragment of Bedrock, simply (Right Click + Shift) on a Bedrock. Be careful, it can cost a lot of durability. But you can fix it with a Turtle Blessing at a Crafting Table. (Works with: Turtlemancer Wand, Turtlemancer Advanced Wand, Dark Turtlemancer Wand, Dark Turtlemancer Advanced Wand).

Bedrock Pickaxe

The Bedrock pickaxe is a resistant tool, capable of breaking Bedrock, the strongest stone in the game, however, it requires a lot of effort to do so, so get used to it if you notice it breaking quickly when breaking bedrock, as for other blocks, it must resist good.


Turtle Cauldron

The Turtle Cauldron works like a material mixer, you can create new items or discard items.


Turtle Altar

With the Turtle Altar, you can create items with rituals, described in the Turtlenomicon Book.


Good Rituals:

Evil Rituals:

All the rituals are in the Turtlenomicon Book, and they all need 3 blessings or 3 curses, in the book it will be described which rituals are good or evil.

Nether Star for Giveness

With Nether Star For Giveness you grant yourself the ability to interact with the sea turtle again, however, you stop being friends with the magmatic turtle, it is a price to pay. But you can become an enemy of the sea turtle again if you kill one of its companions.

Shell of Encapsulation

Capture the animals! This item only works with peaceful mobs, yes, it works with other addons. Just don't be part of the "monster" family.


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Por favor ADDON de el DEDSAFIO 2

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