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Tinkers' Awakening

Updated: Feb 25

This addon is an adaptation of the tinkers construct mod from java edition. Contribuitors:

  • iEmotionless

  • Ramcor14

Smeltery Pattern:

you can place Seared Drains anywhere in the smeltery

using a bucket with lava in the fuel tank, it is possible to fill it

with the tank full, this will be the smeltery interface

Now you can heat up some ores

the last smelted ore will be shown inside the furnace

clicking on the Smeltery Controller will open this interface where it will be possible to select the desired smelted ore

placing Seared Basin or Casting Table together with a Seared Faucet connected to a Seared Drain and clicking on the faucet, the ore will drain to the block below

Now, using the part builder, it is possible to make tool parts using a pattern and cobblestone/flint

Having some tool parts in hand, you can click under the casting table and pour molten gold into it to become a mold. or click using sand

With a mold on the casting table, it is possible to pour another molten ore to then make a tool part from that ore

and by placing any tool parts on the tool anvil or tool station, it is possible to create the tool with infinite combinations of materials

and to apply modifiers, just place some materials + desired tool

Download Lite Addon (Recommended)

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Smeltery doesn’t take lava from the tank how can I fix it is it because I downloaded the lite version ? Or does it not work in 1.20.7


The tank is already full, so I put ores but why is it not working. I am usong 1.20.51




朱 小
朱 小
Mar 18

Who can tell me how to use obsidian


How can i get it to Minecraft?

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