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Storage Drawers

This is an add-on that adds 11 new storage drawers, all with a storage capacity of one chest that stores one item.

Information: ➠This add-on adds 11 storage drawers; ➠This add-on has translations into Portuguese & English; ➠Any bugs report in the comments below; ➠Items or add-on blocks can be stored as well.

Functions: To store something, just click.

To remove items or blocks, simply hold shift and click and an interface will open so you can choose the amount to be removed.

Problem Notice: When storing a Minecraft or 3D add-on tool, the drawer may become invisible, whereas with items or tools you want to hold, like a sword, pickaxe, etc., it will look like you are holding them.


Item removal screen:

A small text was added to this interface that will show how many items are inside.

New item:

This item is an upgrade with which you will be able to add another 34 stacks to the storage capacity of the drawers.

When you break the drawers, there will no longer be the sound of an entity dying.

Experiments that you need to activate:

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