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Natural Structures Redone

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Natural Structures has been remade! This addon adds tiny touches to your world such as sticks and bushes which just adds to the ambiance of the world. You can find these items all over the world on the floor which make it easy to find certain items. The difference from the original is that this works in 1.20.15 (and hopefully above) and I've fleshed out each block. It will be updated for each biome!

V1🌿 - General Biome Items

V1.5🧹 - Utilities Update

V2🌵 - Arid Update

V3🧊 - Frigid Update

V3.1 - Recipe Unlock

If you would like to see any specific items (that are nature-related) please comment below!

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V3 Frigid Update🧊

Pine Needles!

  • Pine needles can only be found in the Taiga/Mega Taiga and works like the Cherry petals. To add layers make sure you are using the pine needles item.

  • Pine needles can be used as fuel for half a block, and can be crafted into a block and wreath!

  • Pine needles will occasionally drop pine nuts that can be crafted into better food.

Taiga Foliage

  • Cotton Tipped Grass - Use with a flint scraper in order to get string!

  • Blue Tipped Ferns - Get with shears!

  • Brown Tipped Grass - Only spawns on dirt, podzol, and other non-grass-related things

  • Holly - Make Holly Candles and also Wreath

  • Mistletoe - Only found in trees and in rare amounts, you can use it for poison arrows and a poison-tipped sword! Also makes decorative blocks!


  • Find and Stuff! Or make it

V2 Arid Update🌵

V1.5🧹 Utility Update

V1🌿 - General Biome Items

(For V2 and Below much greater detail is explained on MCPEDL)



Follow the below settings!

The rest are optional


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