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More Chests

Updated: Feb 21

Add-On that brings seven new Ore chests, each containing its own different storage capacity.


- This Add-On only has an English translation;

- All Craftings from chests Appear on the Crafting Table;

- If you find any bugs in this Add-On, report it in the comments.

Added Chests and their Capabilities:

Copper Chest: 36 slots

Iron Chest: 54 slots

Amethyst Chest: 72 slots

Golden Chest: 81 slots

Diamond Chest: 108 slots

Emerald Chest: 126 slots

Netherite Chest: 180 slots

Note: Chests can double their storage capacity when in their double form.


Note: Chests in their double form still have the same UI as normal.

How to have the Double Chest:

Note: Maybe you put an item in the last slot or in a slot that is in the double shape of the chest and it breaks and it doesn't drop and because you have to break the entire chest to drop it.


This is v2 of the add-on with bug fixes and a new chest, now it is working on 1.20.60++

New Chest:

• Sculk Chest: 252 slots.


• The add-on has translation into Portuguese and English!

New item:

• este item servirá para craftar o Sculk Chest

Required Experiments:

Features that need to be activated:

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