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Endless Fabulous

Updated: Sep 30

- An Add-On Inspired by the Java Mods "Avaritia and Avaritia Endless", bringing several Apelonas tools and a top/op Armor.

Demo Video (It's in Portuguese)


▪- This Add-On can only be used by players from Version 1.20.30 onwards.

▪︎- This Add-On has translation into Portuguese and English.

▪︎- Any bug you find, please report it!

Armor Functions:

▪︎- Infinity Helmet = night vision effect

▪︎- Infinity Chestplate = Fly (Activate the Education Edition Option)

▪︎- Infinity leggings = Jump Boost effect

▪︎- Infinity Boots = Fall damage resistance + Speed effect

▪︎- Full Armor = Immortality, Infinite Saturation and Infinite Water Breathing

Tool Functions:

▪︎- Sword of the Death: Infinite Damage

▪︎- Breaker of Universes Pickaxe mode: Fortune 10 When you break any Minecraft ore (only Minecraft Ores)

▪︎- Breaker of Universes Hammer Mode: destroys a 9 by 9 area when breaking any block

▪︎- Planet Eater Destroyer mode: destroys a 9 by 9 area of only blocks that a shovel breaks

Note: you can change the modes of the pickaxe/hammer and the shovel/destroyer and just hold shift and click on a block

Neutron Collector:

▪︎- drop a pile of Neutron within 2/3 minutes when I didn't have any Block on top of it, but if I had a Chest on top of it it will put it in (if you leave a block taking the Chest it won't generate)

Neutronium Compressor:

▪︎- It is used to get the Singularities, when you have a block that is used to make the Singularity in your hand, it will be taken out of your hand and counted on the machine. (Hopper works too)

Extreme Crafting Table:

▪︎- server to craft Add-On Machines, armor and tools. and just click on the item or block you want to make and it will show you what you need to craft.

Note: Just have the items you need to craft and click Confirm.

Black Hole:

▪︎- You, the player, can release it when you hold the screen with an Endest Pearl in your hand.

Features that need to activate:

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