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This addon adds 52 magic spells and 13 magic types that can all be unlocked. It also has a levelling system and a mana system.

Items List

Spell Book - This item can be used to check your magic level, experience, unlocked elements, and information about each spell

Basic Wand - This is the starting wand that can charge spells up to 5

Advanced Wand - This is the middle wand that can charge spells up to 10

Master Wand - This is the strongest wand that can charge spells up to 15

Elemental Sword - This sword can use some spells, they activate on attack

Magic Crystal - This item will unlock a random magic type

Magic Container - This item will increase your level

How to get the items

All items are craftable, you may have to craft the spellbook for them to appear in the recipe book.

How to level up You gain 1 experience whenever you cast a spell. You can also increase your level using a magic container. When you level up your maximum mana and mana regeneration increase. There is no level cap.

How to cast spells

To assign a spell to a weapon you have to sneak interact. To cast a spell using a wand hold interact and in the bottom left it will display your current charge and mana. If you hold interact longer it will charge the spell up for a more powerful attack. If you are using the elemental sword all you have to do is attack something.

How to unlock new elements

When a player joins the world they are assigned a random element. You can unlock more elements by crafting magic crystals. It is possible to unlock all the elements.

Enable all experimental settings

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Mr Cube
Mr Cube
Mar 03

Solid, i would appriciate an item that fills up mana again though like a mana potion

Edit: Something is wrong with the last 2 water spells tsunami and whirlpool. they dont work


Como baixa?

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