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Draconic Evolution

Updated: Sep 27

This addon adds items and blocks based on Draconic Evolution mod for Minecraft Java Edition 1.12

This addon has translation for 8 languages ​​and you can contribute by providing more (I'm using Google Translate here, but I don't trust it)

This addon has a variety of blocks and items to use:

Particle Generator

Mob Grinder

Dislocators and Item Dislocators

Celestial Manipulator

Wyvern/Draconic tools and armor

Video for demonstration (It is in portuguese)

As the functioning of the items is simple, I will leave something a little more complex here:

Fusion Crafting System:

This is a guide on how to make addon stuff using the fusion crafting system

The structure can be "mirrored" and/or "rotated", otherwise it has to be the same

Empty Injectors are not needed for fusion

In the part where items are applied, different tiers cannot be merged

The item in the item frame is what you put in the Core

In the images, the minimum tier to perform the fusion appears

Draconium Chest

Wyvern Fusion Crafting Injector

Advanced Dislocator

Awakened Draconium Block

Draconic Fusion Crafting Injector

Awakened Core

Draconic Equipment

Draconic Staff of Power

Thanks to @Ramcor14 and Renatø for providing the armor models

Enable Experimental Gameplay and Education Edition


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