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Create Addon

This addon is a port of the java edition mod create for minecraft bedrock edition


  • iEmotionless

  • Ramcor14

Rotation Generators: HandCrank: rotates when shift click

Water Wheel and Large Water Wheel: when under running water, it rotates in the direction of the current

Flywheel and Furnace Engine:

rotates when the furnace is on

Creative Motor:


System Blocks:

shaft: simple transmission axis


large cogwheel:


vertical gearbox:

encased chain drive:

gantry shaft:


reverses the direction of rotation when connected to redstone


stop the rotation when connected to redstone



Rotation Speed Control:

You can make a compact reduction system by right clicking


Helpful Blocks:

Encased Fan:

pull entities and players

Mechanical Drill:

block breaker


block placer

Mechanical Arm using the wrench, initially click on the mechanical arm, then on a nearby block to configure the input and then on another nearby block to configure the output

Mechanical Belt:

click on an axis using the mechanical belt, then click on another aligned axis and the belt will appear

Mechanical saw:

Redstone Contact

Chute & Smart Chute: smart chute has a filter for items in blacklist format, but when activated with redstone, it is in whitelist format

Redstone Link shift click to change the mode

Smart Observer:

has a filter. it is activated only when the front block id is the same as any block in the filter

Mechanical Bearing

uses glue to paste blocks and right click + rotation to activate

Mechanical Piston

uses glue to paste blocks and place extension poles to pull more blocks


when breaking a block using schematic and quill, it will select block A, breaking another block but crouching, will select block B, with block A and B configured, simply interact with the item to open an interface. In this interface, you will enter the name of the structure and confirm.

This will generate a "schematic" item, with this item in hand, simply go to the location you want to place the structure, enter the coordinates of that location.

After that, just have a chest with items to make the structure under the cannon and click using this schematic and it will assemble the structure

Funnels: can filter items, can be placed on top of conveyors and in front of chests, and when interacted with Wrench, it will change the shipping direction, just like in the mod

Crushing Wheel:

when rotated in opposite directions, it make some recipes. Recipes can be found on the official java mod wiki

Millstone: it make some recipes. Recipes can be found on the official java mod wiki

Mechanical mixer & Basin

it make some recipes. Recipes can be found on the official java mod wiki

To place items in the basin, you need to use a chest. (due to version problems, the function to place using click stopped working)

Mechanical Press:

with items on top of "Depot" or "Mechanical Belt" turns ingots into sheets



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Samuel Rayven
Samuel Rayven
17 hours ago

So will these add-ons work on realms?


Brandon Lopez
Brandon Lopez
a day ago

Cómo lo instalo ? AYuda

flower child
flower child
6 hours ago
Replying to

descargar, y abrir el archivo con Minecraft (haga clic en el archivo cuando diga que se ha descargado)


2 days ago

I didn’t get everything


2 days ago

Please fix the drill. Drill TELEPORT ALL items.


Kyle Petty
Kyle Petty
4 days ago

I Cant seem to get this to work what so ever. Am i missing something? any help is always appretiated!

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