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Chest Gloves V1

Chest gloves is an addon which allows you to hold chests using gloves. There are 3 different gloves in this addon: leather, iron, and diamond. For it not to be op, every chest has its own debuff. Leather gives you slowness 3. Iron gives you slowness 2. Diamond gives you slowness 1. You can only hold 1 tier with gloves at a time. This addon isnt done yet, I will add more gloves and abilities later.

Gamplay footage:

Warning: there are 3 bugs you need to be aware of before playing:

  1. The gloves can't hold double chest, and holding them may result in chest despawning

  2. Only 1 player can hold a chest with a glove at a time. If 2 players do it, chests might despawn.

  3. Make sure to subscribe to my YT channel, if you dont subscribe, you won't get notified with new addons.

Video explaining more about the addon:

Download link:

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