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Updated: May 20

This addon adds 10 magic wands that shoot projectiles and use mana. Mana is regenerated over time and is displayed above your hotbar as a blue bar, and when you use the wand the blue bar decreases.

To activate the wands all you have to do is right-click on pc, long tap on mobile, or press LT on Xbox.

Wand List

  • Wooden Wand

  • Stone Wand

  • Iron Wand

  • Golden Wand

  • Diamond Wand

  • Evocation Wand

  • Boulder Wand

  • Fire Wand

  • Lightning Wand

  • Teleportation Wand

To craft the basic 5 wands, just put 2 sticks and the corresponding item on the top right corner.

To upgrade the wands, all you have to do is surround the wand with diamonds

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