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Vaders Expansion

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

vaders expansion adds over 351 items and 185 blocks and 52 mobs

theres 9 ores jade, sapphire, topaz, aquamarine, electrum, flamearon, endaron, heartstone, cobalt

jade, sapphire and topaz have different stats

like sapphire mines fast but doesn't do much damage

but topaz does alot of damage but its slow at mining

and jade is a bit of both

also the aquamarine pickaxe mines all of the blocks from the aqua blocks faster


sapphire jade and topaz spawn at y30 to yo the deepslate versions spawn y0 to -y60

electrum and aquamarine now spawn at y30 to y0 and the deepslate versions spawn y0 to -y60

flamearon spawn at y30 to y0 or in the nether

heartstone spawns in the nether from y1 to y125

cobalt spawn at y30 to y0 in the overworld

the best food to get is sweet berry soup

also remember to enable experimental gameplay

if you find any bugs tell me also if you have any idea's also tell me

Rebalanced Update

nerfed excaliburs they cant be enchanted now but what about mending or unbreaking well i added a new item to repair


added jade shovel

added topaz shovel

added sapphire shovel

added fused shovel

added endaron shovel

added acid shovel

added paxels a new tool that combines pickaxe, axe and shovel into one tool

added jade paxel

added topaz paxel

added sapphire paxel

added fused paxel

added endaron paxel

added acid paxel

fixed axe's durability

fixed coffee and tea's recipe

added void enchanter sells enchanted items and more spawns in the overworld

added blaze wood set

added electrum coal ore

added reinforced diamond pickaxe

made it so all tools made of the new ores are crafted in the sapphire crafting table

made it so ore takes a long time to mine with your hand

changed the super furnace to be more useful

added iron drill to mine ores faster

added diamond drill

added magmaron blend

added flamearon dust

added magmaron ingot

added magmaron drill

added golden bricks

added amethyst bricks

added emerald bricks

added redstone bricks

added endaron bricks

added obsidian planks

added stone tiles and a big version of stone tiles

added stone path

added water and lava crafting tables

added zombie of darkness new mob

added electrum coal nugget

added golden tiles and a big version of golden tiles

added granite, diorite and andesite path

added amethyst lantern if you put it in a stonecutter you get a different version

added spongecake block and bricks

added blaze rod block

added heartstone and flamearon pumpkins

added hearts that increase your max health

added heartstone tools

added honey bricks

added ice bricks

added magma bricks

added lava bricks

added obsidian bricks

added jade glass

added clear glass put glass in furnace to get this

added speed blocks

added speed boost blocks

added random boss summon

added cobalt ore

added cobalt tools

added charcoal block

added toast

added fried egg

added builders workbench

added aquamarine ring with 3 levels

added flame sword a new boss

added smooth gold block

added emerald path

added water tree grow kit

added spiked ring with 3 levels

added excalibur repair core

added ring of darkness a new mob

added angry storm cloud new version of the angry cloud

added jadepaz

added storm cloud summon staff

added topaz path

added lava tree grow kit

added jade checker block

added new glow wool versions for each dye

added polished aquamarine block

added rough aquamarine block

changed some recipes

added sapptopaz apple

added jadepaz apple

added jadehire apple

added sappmarine apple

added coal zombie

added amethyst zombie

added cobalt bricks

remade all the structures

now they are a bit different and have random loot

alot of textures have also been changed

and many more small changes

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