Vaders Expansion

vaders expansion adds over 212 items and 89 blocks and 10 mobs

theres 7 ores jade, sapphire, topaz, aquamarine, electrum, flamearon, endaron

jade, sapphire and topaz have different stats

like sapphire mines fast but doesn't do much damage

but topaz does alot of damage but its slow at mining

and jade is a bit of both

also the aquamarine pickaxe mines all of the blocks from the aqua blocks faster


sapphire jade and topaz spawn at y30 to yo the deepslate versions spawn y0 to -y60

electrum and aquamarine now spawn at y30 to y0 and the deepslate versions spawn y0 to -y60

flamearon spawn at y30 to y0

the best food to get is sweet berry soup

also remember to enable experimental gameplay

if you find any bugs tell me also if you have any idea's also tell me

if you got feedback or need help this is the place to go


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