Vaders Expansion

vaders expansion adds over 279 items and 110 blocks and 43 mobs

theres 8 ores jade, sapphire, topaz, aquamarine, electrum, flamearon, endaron

jade, sapphire and topaz have different stats

like sapphire mines fast but doesn't do much damage

but topaz does alot of damage but its slow at mining

and jade is a bit of both

also the aquamarine pickaxe mines all of the blocks from the aqua blocks faster


sapphire jade and topaz spawn at y30 to yo the deepslate versions spawn y0 to -y60

electrum and aquamarine now spawn at y30 to y0 and the deepslate versions spawn y0 to -y60

flamearon spawn at y30 to y0 or in the nether

heartstone spawns in the nether from y1 to y125

the best food to get is sweet berry soup

also remember to enable experimental gameplay

if you find any bugs tell me also if you have any idea's also tell me

if you got feedback or need help this is the place to go

Download Here

Nether Update changelog topaz and electrum now drop raw versions

pickaxes should break all the blocks now same with axes

added tons of new structures

added lava solidifier

added fungus soup

added sugar cane block

added blackstone electrum ore

added magma zombie

added lava zombie a harder version of the magma zombie

added topaz dust

added jade shield

added new supporter items

added super jump potion

added void trader with a ton of trades each void watcher will have different trades like vilagers

added basalt golem a boss that can be found in a new structure

added excalibur core dropped from the boss and is used to craft some of the excaliburs now

added magma zombie archer

added nether curry

added spicy soup

added basalt fragments

added jump speed potion a mix of speed and jump boost

added regen strength potion a mix of regeneration and strength

added fused core

added wither scythe a supporter item

added topaz armor

added basalt golem summoner spawns basalt golem

added basalt zombie

added enraged basalt zombie

added diamond cleaver

added netherite cleaver

added dragon fruit soup and juice

added dragon skin potion

added void launcher

added nether cannon

added burning fury

added polished tuff, calcite and dripstone

added dragon skin mix

added potion of saturation

added haste potion with glowstone redstone and infused versions

added void potion

added electrum pumpkin and aquamarine pumpkin

added absorbant sponge +

added coal nugget

added heartstone a new ore that can be found in the nether doesn't get destroyed by explosions so you can use tnt/beds to mine for it

added healing device heals players and pets

added heartstone apple with a enchanted version

added heartstone scythe

added glow cobblestone

nerfed the excaliburs

added rolling boulder mob with a nether and end version

added boss crafting table used to craft boss items

added elite magma zombie a boss

added elite basalt zombie also a boss

added boss summoner base

added items to summon the bosses

added void ring a new mob

added void overseer also a mob

added reaper trades stuff for bosses

added enhanced diamond sword and netherite version

added hovering robot with a nether version

changed the apples and jade beef

nerfed water and flame golems

added ancient water golem

added ancient flame golem

added water log

made water golems attack flame golems and flame golems attack water golems

added elite void watcher

added elite void overseer

added honey glazed apples and carrots

added angry cloud

added more super crusher recipes

changed recipe for jade building blocks

changed texture of polished flame stone, polished water stone and polished jade

also small change to the texture of rough jade block

changed recipe for super crusher

added super crusher blade used to craft super crafting

changed coal and iron smooth stone recipe to only give 1 now instead of 2

nerfed iron, gold and copper zombies

changed how void watchers spawn now there are less void watchers/void archers and giant void watchers don't spawn

anymore they only spawn in structures now

added 8 summon weapons

added flamearon apple with enchanted version

added bamboo block

added lava log

added topaz hammer

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