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Traveler's Backpack

Updated: Oct 11

- Add-On that adds backpacks with personalized interfaces for each of them.

Demonstration Videos (in Portuguese)


▪︎- Add-On has English translation;

▪︎- All Craftings appear on the Crafting Table;

▪︎- Any bug you find, please report it!

▪︎- the Add-On can be played in multiplayer.

Add-On Information:

▪︎- in v1 of this Add-On there is only one Backpack;

▪︎- the Backpack has a capacity of 45 slots;

▪︎- to open/appear the backpack you hold the screen without using shift;

▪︎- The backpack has a customization interface just for it;

▪︎- the backpack is 3d in the hand and it is on the player's back when he puts it on the second hand;

▪︎- To close/disappear the backpack, hold shift and hold the screen.

= ( If you have any questions about the Add-On, send me a message on my Discord )

Backpack interface:

Features that need active:

my Discord: mhquinstudios.0391

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