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Tough as Bedrock

Tough as Bedrock, this addon improves the survival aspects of Minecraft with new features such as thirst or temperature. The final version is now out for you to enjoy! Bored of the hunger bar? Want to travel the world feeling the temperature overwhelming you? Then this addon is for you! Explore the world paying attention to your temperature, be careful not to get dehydrated! This survival experience is not for beginners but if you are prepared enough. You may be able to last until your first night...Addon inspired by:


Player.json is a minecraft file that contains parts of the player code (behavior). By modifying this file, add-on creators gain access to otherwise unavailable functionalities. But this file can only be modified by one addon on each world, that's why it has compatibility issues. If you're using an addon on your world that uses player.json, put it above tough as bedrock, you won't lose much and the addon will still work. If player.json is unavaible (for example you have an other addon that uses it) you will just need to start the addon manually by using /function start, and the ice resistance effect will not make you immune to snow powder but the rest of the addon will work as normal.

To play with this addon if you have other addons that use player.json, you need to add it to your world, then when you entered the world, use the "/function start" command.


Player.entity.json is a minecraft file that contains parts of the player code (resource). By modifying this file, add-on creators gain access to otherwise unavailable functionalities. But this file can only be modified by one addon on each world, that's why it has compatibility issues. If you're using an addon on your world that uses player.entity.json, it will be incompatible with tough as bedrock. I can't find a work around like I did with player.json, the player.entity.json file is mandatory to have the custom bars. This file is often used by addons that modify the player model/animations or addons that have custom 3D items.

Addon Main Features:

This addon brings to your game a whole new experience, with its main additions being thirsty and temperature, both of these are enabled by default but you can also enable stamina which will make the game even more challenging.


The thirst bar is located above the hunger bar. The thirst bar empties over time and when you do activities such as sprinting or jumping. The thirst bar also empties when you are subject to extreme temperatures or when the environment you are in is arid.

If you are too thirsty you will be slowed, and when your thirst bar reaches zero you will start to slowly die.

To avoid this you will have to hydrate yourself, there are several ways to do it. If you decide to drink water in the wild, your thirst bar will fill up but you will get a thirst effect, you also risk getting infected with parasites. (There is a hidden toxicity value, the more toxic water you drink, the worse it gets)

The best way to fill your thirst bar will therefore be to purify water.

You can boil some in a furnace or over a fire, use filters, ghast tears and some talent in potions making, or even collect rainwater, which is much less toxic.

When using a cauldron with certain items to collect or deposit water, you will need to place a block behind it and click on the block behind it instead of clicking directly on the cauldron. (This problem comes from the cauldron's hard-coded right-click vanilla functions)

The water purifier allows you to purify your water, it works like a furnace but you use charcoal as fuel.

If you find it too difficult (or too easy) to manage your thirst, you can change the rate at which it depletes in the settings by using "/function settings" and selecting "Thirst".


Stamina is an optional feature that can be enabled in Settings. Use "/ function settings" and select "Stamina". The stamina bar is above the thirst bar and empties as you perform tiring activities.

When you have low stamina, your actions will be hampered and you will die over time. The stamina bar fills up over time and it fills up faster when the player is not active.


The temperature meter is located above your level. When you spawn in your world you are immune for 5 mins to extreme temperatures.

Be careful though as once those 5 minutes are up you will be at the mercy of the environment. The temperature meter represents your body temperature. When it's gray, your body temperature is balanced, you don't need to worry.

If the meter starts to turn blue, you're cooling down, but be careful not to get too cold, or you'll freeze to death.

If, on the other hand, your temperature meter goes towards red, then you are warming up. Here too if you get too hot you will die. Be careful when exploring the hottest biomes like the nether!

You can protect yourself from extreme temperatures by wearing clothing, Volcano Armor for warmth and Winter Armor for cold.

You can also drink an ice resistance potion or a fire resistance potion that will make you immune to extreme temperatures for a set amount of time.

Eating ice cubes can also cool you down, maybe it could prove useful.

You can use blocks such as coils and campfires to affect the temperature in an area. Note that you must power the coils with redstone or they won't turn on.

If you want to know the temperature of the environment you can use a thermometer. It's not very precise but it will give you an idea of what armor you should be wearing.

Finally there is an artifact that makes you immune to extreme temperatures, it can be found in a guarded location underground, or in certain structures in the deserts.

There are plenty of ways to play around these new restrictions and I haven't said everything, I'll let you have fun and discover what this addon can bring to your minecraft experience.

You can find thirst/temperature/stamina info in the hud section of the How to Play menu, when you're in-game, or when the texture pack is applied globally.

Note that I am looking for feedback, leave a comment if you have something to say, I would love to see what you think of this addon. You can also report bugs, it would be much appreciated.


"/function start": Starts the addon

"/function stop": Stops the addon

"/function cleanworld": In case the addon stopped, try this

"/function settings": Opens the settings menu allowing you to enable/disable stamina or drink punching

"/function restart": Resets the addon


Thanks to Ghaith13 for making the fire overlay texture, the banner/thumbnail and helping with texturing the addon. Join his discord!

Thanks to ZhyuRo~Kun for making the water purifier/rain collector texture and giving me the motivation to continue updating this addon. Join his discord!

Installation Details:

You need to download and activate both the behavior pack and the texture pack.

Please enable experimental gameplay on your world or this addon will not work.

There is an addon compatible with tough as bedrock which can help you counter temperature by adding new equipment, it is furing fabrick I recommend you to try it alongside tough as bedrock!

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