Tinkers' Awakening

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

This addon adds 980 combinations of swords and pickaxes to your Minecraft world. These swords can be made with 14 materials as either the handle or the blade. The damage and durability of these weapons will be averaged based on how powerful the materials you used are.

Material List

  • Wood +2 Damage Low Durability Fractured I

  • Stone +2 Damage Low Durability Unbreaking I

  • Bone +2 Damage Medium Durability Fractured II

  • Slime +2 Damage High Durability Bouncy

  • Iron +3 Damage Medium Durability Magnetic

  • Flint +3 Damage Low Durability Sharpness I

  • Cactus +3 Damage Low Durability Sharpness I

  • Prismarine +4 Damage Low Durability Depth Strider

  • Netherrack +4 Damage Low Durability Fire Resistance or Auto Smelt

  • Obsidian +4 Damage High Durability Unbreaking II

  • Gold +5 Damage Low Durability Sharpness II or Midas Touch

  • Diamond +5 Damage High Durability Unbreaking III

  • Emerald +6 Damage Medium Durability Draining

An item gets an ability depending on what you use as the blade/head of the item. If an ability is a higher level, then it will multiply the effectiveness.

Ability List

  • Fractured: +1 Damage, -10 Durability

  • Unbreaking: 1.2x Durability

  • Sharpness: +1 Damage

  • Draining: 1.5x Damage, 1/2 Durability

  • Depth Strider: 2x Water Movement

  • Bouncy: Jump Boost II

  • Fire Resistance: Fire Resistance

  • Magnetic: Attracts Items

  • Auto Smelt: Smelts iron and gold when broken

  • Midas Touch: Converts iron ore to gold ore

Modifiers can be added by surrounding a custom weapon with a specific material

Modifier List Swords Only

  • Quartz Block: +3 Damage

  • Emerald: 2x Durability

  • Diamond: 2x Movement Speed

Pickaxes can also be crafted in any order, and they will deal 1/2 damage when compared with a sword. To use the pickaxes, walk into the block you want to break, they can only work on certain blocks.

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