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The Backrooms Survival Expansion

Updated: Oct 23, 2022

Welcome to The Backrooms Survival Expansion, in this addon we add The Backrooms into Survival Minecraft as a new dimension, will you survive this nightmare and explore the secrets the backrooms has to offer?

For This Addon we recommend you set your simulation distance to its maximum for the best performance within the backrooms


How to Enter The Backrooms

First you must have traveled to the end and acquired Endstone

Smelt the Endstone using a furnace to get Unidentifiable Residue

*How To Get Unidentifiable Residue

Once you have acquired enough Unidentifiable Residue take it to a Crafting Table to Craft a Anomalous Constructer Like so

*Crafting a Anomalous Constructor

Using the Anomalous Constructor we can craft The Backrooms decoration blocks and The Inter Dimensional Breacher Device

Since we want to get into The Backrooms this is what we will make

*Crafting a Inter Dimensional Breacher Device

Interact with The Inter Dimensional Breacher Device to enter The Backrooms...

*Entering The Backrooms

*Looking off from the Spawn Room

*Seeing The Backrooms Monster In The Distance

Get familiar with your spawn area and you will find that you need to find 3 keys in order to escape

*Find 3 Keys

The Keys are scattered across the 3 main areas of Level 0 but don't worry they're not too hard to find :)

*Inserting the Keys

Once you have found the keys return back to the spawn area and insert them into the blue keyholes

Once done you'll be free to leave

feel free to explore the backrooms to find the keys or explore its secrets like a new Music Disc!

use the Backrooms Computer to buy annoying to gather materials and items!!!

also use it to bring back lost players!!!


Level 0

Level 1


Music- Dapper Husky

Additional Music and Sound Effects- Kane Pixels

Builder, Command Functions & Artist- alleoftruth

Our Discord Server!

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