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Updated: Jan 3

Inspired by the likes of Traverse, Biome Bundle and Biomes O' Plenty TerraEnhance adds 9 new biomes to your Minecraft world! This addon does not add any new blocks, or mobs, in order to retain the vanilla feel of the game.

I've had to rework this addon significantly for it to work in 1.19, this has required the removal of several biomes, however, I plan to add the majority of these back in the future. I have also had to remove a few vanilla biomes, although most of these should not be noticeable. The rework also unfortunately means that it won't work with the majority of other biome addons, although it should be compatible with more or less everything else. The biomes currently included in the addon are:

  • Boreal Forest

  • Thicket

  • Extreme Jungle

  • Volcanic Taiga

  • Spooky Forest

  • Diverse Forest

  • Temperate Forest

  • Giant Forest NEW

  • Deciduous Forest NEW

Showcase video-


Want to find every biome? Try this seed (-6231732410488302092) and teleport to the coordinates next to their respective biome!

Extreme Jungle

The Extreme Jungle can feature some incredible sights, due to the extreme terrain! The Extreme Jungle is fairly similar to the regular jungle, however, has a granite base, along with huge granite pillars which protrude from the surface!

Coordinates (-900, ~, 800)

Boreal Forest-

The Boreal Forest features extremely large and dense coniferous trees, along with Spruce Bushes. This biome is perfect if you're short on Spruce wood or need a location for your medieval-themed builds.

Coordinates (-2300, ~, -2597)


A dense biome featuring tall oak trees, along with a base of coarse, and rooted dirt.

Coordinates (-554, ~, -410)

Volcanic Taiga-

Inspired by Yellowstone, the Volcanic Taiga features the signature prismatic springs, which can be found scattered within the surface. The biome consists of calcite, tuff and diorite, magma blocks can also be found underground.

Coordinates (8432, ~, 9026)

Spooky Forest-

The Spooky Forest is densely packed with autumnal trees, along with giant pumpkins, Jack o' Lanterns and thick grey fog, perfect for a spooky feel! Bats and witches will also spawn more frequently

Coordinates (7187, ~, 5506)

Diverse Forest-

The Diverse Forest features a wide variety of tree types, including spruce, birch and oak, making it the perfect place to gather resources, flowers will also spawn in high quantities!

Coordinates (9898, ~, 4025)

Giant Forest-

A fantasy-inspired biome, the Giant Forest, unsurprisingly, features huge trees, along with giant flowers and mushrooms. If you need lots of wood, or somewhere to build a fantasy-style building, this is the place to go!

Coordinates (9026, ~, 5807)

Temperate Forest-

The temperate forest is a flat biome that features huge trees, along with giant pumpkins. This biome has a fantasy feel about it too, largely due to the thin orange fog and green spore particles. The giant trees offer many exciting building possibilities!

Coordinates (9957, ~, 4039)

Deciduous Forest-

The Deciduous Forest features a wide range of tree types, which have autumnal-coloured canopies. This biome is perfect if you're a fall lover!

Coordinates (8542, ~, 8959)

Known Bugs-

  • On certain devices, foliage, grass and fog colours may be incorrect.

  • If you don't apply the resource pack, you may get a message saying incompatible.

  • Occasionally the pack will not apply properly to the world and no biomes will spawn, if this happens, create another world, this should fix the issue.

  • Some trees may spawn inside Ravines

  • Leaves will not decay for some custom-designed trees

  • Please message me on Twitter if you discover any more bugs :)

Enable the custom biomes experimental toggle when creating the world!


TerraEnhance 1.19 Behaviour Pack

TerraEnhance 1.19 Resource Pack

TerraEnhance 1.18 and below Behaviour Pack

TerraEnhance 1.18 and below Resource Pack

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