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Techain Machinery - V1.1 - Machines, Batteries and More!

Updated: Sep 25, 2022

This addon is an expansion to Basic Machinery by Vatonage[iEmotionless], thus Basic Machinery is required for this addon to function as intended. Moreover, It adds many new ways to make things more efficient and work flawlessly.

This addon has enhanced the energy storage, generation, resource generation and overall full coverage for generating resource of a wide variety including converstion between interdimensional resources! All and all will make the main addon even more worthwhile having in all your Minecraft Worlds, moreover it will work completely fine along with all other expansions for the main addon.

Power Generation:

Solar Panels:

If you re looking for passive energy generation without any setup the Solar Panels are the stuff you need!



Pressure Gen: Mob To Power! Generate power from mobs on top, a spare spawner? and only need non-player kills? Pressure gen is the thing you need! It kills the mob on top and doesn't kill its drops, so if you want some drops that do not require player kills the you can use this to get mob loot and power.



First Image is Inactive State and Second image shows the state after dying of mob, you can collect the drops via minecart hopper, hopper etc... Conveyors could also be used to carry items out.


Resource Generation: Auto-Sieve! Looking for some way of resource generation from excess gravel, sand, soul-sand? Or need a whole setup for it in itself? Then here's the Auto-Sieve. Sieve-able Resources :


  • Gravel {Crusher Setup with Cobble-Gen}

  • Sand {Two Crusher Setup with Cobble-Gen}

  • Soul-sand {Two crusher,Nether Matter Convertor with Cobble-Gen Setup}

  • Dirt




Ore-Crusher! Looking for a way to double up those ores from Quantum Miner? Ore Crusher is just the right thing for you! Just hook it up in the line of resource production and see your ores get doubles up! [No other way of smelting the said dusts right now other than Furnace and Blast-Furnace]



Both Machines Use level 2 power.

Dimensional Resource Converstion: Nether and End Matter Converters are used to convert Overworld resources into those which are acquired from nether and end.



[LEVEL 2 Power]


Batteries! The Sole Pain of having energy wasted or keeping energy stored has been solved upto a great extent! Presenting 16 and 32 charge Normal and Level 2 [Advanced] batteries that send power vertically, up or down and receive like the same!


Interact (Right Click / Punch) To See how much power is stored.


Powered Lamp and Chunk Loader! This lamp runs off of level 1 power for 15 Seconds.



There are powered chunkloaders which chunkload a 4 radius area around itself when given level 2 power! [Note they only take power from bottom side.]



Yellow == Off, Green == On Have Fun Playing around with these!



Change log :

- Fixed Some textures with Transparent Background To Show gradient

- Fixed Chunkloader To Not add multiple chunkloads in same area.

- Added 32 Charge Batteries

- Fixed the Pressure Gen to not kill players infinitely (removed player to power feature)

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