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Updated: Jul 11

Are You a Diablo Player?

For Veterans Surely Not Surprised by the Modified Monsters, right?

So what if the Mobs in Minecraft Bedrock Also Modified like in Diablo?

Here's the Addon that will Modify Them!

This Addon Based on a Java Mod named "Infernal Mobs" Made by Atomicstryker


This Addon will make you Miserable Forever by Diablo Style Mobs Modifications!

Now the Mobs will be Much Harder to Defeat because:

♦ Their Speed is Increased which is Hard To Hit

Deadly Damage that can Kill with Just A Few Hits

♦ And Thick Health that is Almost Endless

They have Ranks that Show their Difficulty Levels:

♦ Elite

♦ Ultra

♦ Infernal


As Mob:

Higher Rank = Increase their Statistics

Modifiable Mobs:

Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Creeper, Enderman, Husk, Cave Spider, Phantom, Zombie Villager, Stray, Drowned, Guardian, Elder Guardian, Pillager, Vindicator, Evoker, Blaze, Ghast, Wither Skeleton, Shulker & Wither

Spawn Chances:

Modified Mobs are Rarely Found depending on their Rank:

♦ Normal Mobs = 9500%

♦ Elite = 50%

♦ Ultra = 25%

♦ Infernal = 5%

Special Abilities:

Like in Diablo, they have Special Abilities like:

Alchemist = Throwing Potions

Blastoff = Throws Enemy in the air

Bullwark = 60% Damage Resistance

Cloaking = Completely Invisible

Darkness = Blinding the Enemy

Fiery = Burn the Enemy

Ghastly = Shoots Fireballs

Ender & Ninja = Teleport

Exhaust = Clear Player's Effect

Poisonous = Poisoning the Enemy

Quicksand = Slows the Enemy

Regen = Regenerating Health

Sapper = Hungry the Enemy

Sprint = Move Fast

Storm = Strikes Lightnings

Weakness = Weakens the Enemy

Webber = Sets Cobweb at Player Legs

Wither = Wither the Enemy

Higher Rank = Increase their Special Abilities


I Know if You Kill Them just Because you Want their Loots, Right?


60% Chainmail Armor / 1 - 6 Cookies

30% Iron Set [Enchanted Lv.12]

Random Enchanted Book Lv.12

Double [2X] Ordinary Loot

Quadruple [4X] Exp


60% Bow / Iron Set [Enchanted Lv.24]

30% Golden Set [Enchanted Lv.24] / 1 Golden Apple / 1 - 3 Blaze Powder

Random Enchanted Book Lv.24

♦ Quadruple [4X] Ordinary Loot

♦ Sextuple [6X] Exp


♦ 60% 1 - 3 Diamonds / Diamond Set [Enchanted Lv.30]

♦ 30% 1 - 3 Ender Pearls / 1 - 3 Ender Eyes

♦ Random Enchanted Book Lv.30

Sextuble [6X] Ordinary Loot

Octuple [8X] Exp


♦ Same as Above according to Rank [But Only Diamond Set]

♦ More Than 1 Nether Star

♦ Random Amount of Wither Skeleton Skulls,

♦ Random Amount of Enchanted Golden Apples / Totem Of Undying / Netherite Scraps

♦ Music Disc: Lena Raine - Pigstep

Ender Dragon:

♦ Same as Above according to Rank [But Only Diamond Set]

♦ 100% Ender Dragon Head

♦ Random Amount of Enchanted Golden Apples / Totem Of Undying / Netherite Scraps

♦ Music Disc: Lena Raine - Otherside


♦ All Loots Above that are Enchanted can be Treasure Enchantments like: Frost Walker, Mending, Soul Speed & Curses





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If You're Curious About My Addons Progress!



Required Experimental Feature:

Languages [Scroll the Subpacks]:

♦ Min Game Version: 1.18.20!



Enjoy & Have Misery!

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