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Tartarean Mobs

Updated: Sep 4, 2023

This Addon is Based on a Java Mod named "Infernal Mobs" Made by Atomicstryker

This addon makes Hostile Mobs such as Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Creeper, Enderman, etc has Certain Chances to be spawned as Tartarean!

Tartarean has 3 Ranks: Elite, Ultra & Infernal

that indicates how strong are they, example:

Tartarean has one Abitlity when spawned, it can be either:

Blastoff, throws the enemy into the air

Bullwark, increased damage resistance

Cloaking, become invisible

Darkness, blinds the enemy

Ghastly, shoots fireball

Exhaust, clear the effects the enemy has

Poisonous, poisons the enemy

Quicksand, slows the enemy

Regen, able to regenerating their health

Sapper, makes the enemy hungry

Sprint, moves faster

Storm, strikes lightning on the enemy

Weakness, weakens the enemy

Webber, places cobweb on the enemy foots

Wither, inflicts wither to the enemy

Tartarean also drops Worthy Loots that may contains:

+ Tuple-ed Loots/Experience Orbs

+ Cookies •v•

+ Golden Apple/Blaze Powders

+ Ender Pearls/Ender Eyes

+ Enchanted Gear (Armor/Tools/Weapons)

+ Enchantment Book (Including Curses & Treasure Enchantments)

================================================ Required Experimental Feature:

Working on 1.18.20+!


Enjoy & Have Misery!

================================================ > Join My Discord Group < If You're Curious about My Addons Progress!

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