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Tarot Cards Addon

Updated: Mar 21

This addon is based on the Java Edition mod made by shiroroku.

Enable Experimental Gameplay and Education Edition

Addon tested only on mobile and singleplayer mode

Made by fan

Report bugs and issues on my YouTube channel

How to get the Cards:

The Cards cannot be crafted, but they can be obtained through loot from these structures:

Desert Pyramids


End Cities

Nether Fortresses



Stronghold Libraries

Temples in Villages

They are naturally activated, but you can deactivate/activate them by holding the screen (like using a bow)

Cards and their effects:

  • Death: When hitting a non-undead mob, it takes a second damage equivalent to 20% of the damage on hit

  • Judgement: When hitting a mob, it has a 15% chance of taking a second damage equal to the first

  • Justice: 25% of Damage taken (to health) is also dealt to the attacker.

  • Strength: Constant Strength 2

  • Temperance: Every minute, regenerate 1 hunger point

  • The Chariot: Constant Speed

  • The Devil: Attacks inflict weakness

  • The Emperor: Constant Hero Of The Village 3

  • The Empress: Every 3 minutes, causes nearby mobs to grow

  • The Fool: Jump Boost 3

  • The Hanged Man: Receive 50% of damage taken (to health) as experience

  • The Hermit: Resistnce when away from players and tamed mobs

  • The Hierophant: Some xp from defeating mobs/breaking blocks that give xp

  • The High Priestess: Upgrades held enchantment books with experience (hold the screen with the book to get the effect)

  • The Lovers: Nearby players and tamed mobs are granted Regeneration 3

  • The Magician: Golden tools regenerate when used

  • The Moon: Constant Night Vision

  • The Star: Nearby items are attracted to the player

  • The Sun: Constant Health Boost

  • The Tower: Constant Slow Falling

  • The World: Slowness 3 to nearby mobs

  • The Wheel Of Fortune: When breaking a vanilla ore, the player receives 1 extra drop directly

Tarot Deck:

Store the Cards. Hold the screen (without sneaking) to store and hold the screen (sneaking) to retrieve

There is also a texture to have colored versions of the Cards (all textures in the addon are from shiroroku)

Add-on Demo Video:


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