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Structure Expansion

This addon adds 50+ structures that spawn around your world! These spawn in the overworld, underground, in the nether, and in the end!


All structures are showcased in this video:


This addon was made by me but many structures were made by members of my discord server and my subscribers.

All structures (with credits):

1 Big bone: me

2 Creeper Dungeon: Ducky

3 Life Dungeon: me

4 Meteor Crash: Slothlover

5 Copper Rock: me

6 Diamond Rock: me

7 Emerald Rock: me

8 Plain Rock: me

9 Gold rock: me

10 Iron rock: me

11 Lapis rock: me

12 Redstone rock: me

13 Ruins dungeon: me

14 Empty ruins: me

15 Gold ruins: me

16 Spruce dungeon: me

17 Stump: me

18 Tent: me

19 Well: Me

20 Silverfish Tree: Zhi Zhi 09

21 Air Balloon: Pertzer/William

22 Bumpkin: Angryvader

23 Copper Villager: HENRYACTION

24 Banane: Lingonkaka/Leo

25 Fake villager house: Pertzer/William

26 Grave: Slothlover

27 Statue: Slothlover

28 pyramid: ZallTheMightyChair

29 Amethyst Sky Tower: Phantom-Mc

30 Cloud village: Dark Domination

31 Tower dungeon: Derpyboi

32 Broken beacon: Ihya Akmal

33 Creeper crypt: Ducky

34 Nether lab: Llama

35 Cat shrine: Kittycatyt

36 Burnt house: Henryaction

37 Raft: me

38 Small ship: me

39 Den: Pineapple

40 Campsite: Llama

41 Grand oak tree: Dark Domination

42 One dungeon: Kittycatyt

43 Slime nest: Lizardoo7

44 The hive: Slothlover

45 Magma cube nest: icygod

46 Broken conduit: Pertzer/William

47 End settlement: me

48 Diving bell: Pertzer/William

49 Sub: Pertzer/William

50 Surface geode: Ducky

51 Rock pond: Ducky

52 End fountain: me

53 Nether tower: Rep

54 Oak temple: me

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May 26, 2022

Looks Very Well Made But I Am The Slightest Bit Worried That The Player Would Be Able To Get Diamonds Super Early Just By Using These Structures


SL games
SL games
Feb 26, 2022

Great add-on

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