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Steam Machinery

Updated: Oct 21

A steampunk machine addon inspired by the famous create mod, with this addon you will be able to create doors, automatic mining machines, ore farms and more, If you like this style of addon, or automating your productions, this addon is for you.

This addon adds a lot of machines, so let's start with the basic:

1st Chapter: Steel and wood:

Simple and primary machines are here, they are easier to create and use

Cables and gears:

Are used to transmit energy, the cable can transmit in all directions, the gear cannot, but if placed next to each other, it will reverse its directions, useful for correcting the rotation of the belt

Gear box:

It is used to transmit energy and activate machines, being one of the most used blocks in the addon. It can be created by interacting with a steel cable in the gear frame, can turn off a redstone block when conducting power and turn the block back on when turned off

Gear frame:

It is used in machine crafts and can be created at the crafting table

Mechanical piston:

Pushes up to 2 blocks if activated and pulls up to 2 blocks if deactivated, can only be activated by the gear box, can be created at the crafting table

Mechanical drill:

Breaks the blocks in front of it when energized, it can stick to pistons and slimes, enabling the creation of mining machines, it can be crafted at the crafting table


The belt is used to take things from one side to the other, and if it interacts with any item that can be processed by the machines in the 2nd chapter, it will be placed on the belt and will go to its destination, its direction may be reversed when using gears in the desired shape and can be created on the crafting table

Mechanical hopper:

Can be placed on top of a funnel, as its function is to transform the entities in the belt into items again, it will also teleport these items to the funnel, but it has a not very long range


It is used to create energy when interacting with a bucket of lava, it can transmit energy from above or below to a gear box or a cable, to create it just interact with a binding mechanism in the gear box

Binding mechanism:

It is used to craft the machines in the first chapter, it can be created manually on the crafting table or automatically using the presses with a steel ingot

Steel ingot:

It is used in crafts, it can be created by heating an iron bar in the campfire, in the blast furnace or by heating an iron bar in the oven (2nd chapter) Andesite alloy:

It will be used for crafts, it can be created at the crafting table

Item filter:

It is used to specify to a machine which item it should interact with or to insert into the presses to create mechanisms. To create, just go to the crafting table and select the corresponding filter.

Pipe wrench:

At the moment it is just a sword, dealing 13 damage and cannot be enchanted, but its function will probably change in the future


Can an be created at the crafting table and have defense similar to netherite armor, can be enchanted

2° Chapter: Copper and iron

More complex machines that can create items automatically, these most useful and diverse machines are here

recommended to make a production that is not very compact, since the more compact it is, the more chances of something going wrong and a machine ending up making an error due to overcrowding, if you are going to make something compact, it must be much more precise


The press is used to interact with other items, to do this simply select the corresponding filter and interact with the press, it will turn on a green light if successful, the filters that can be used in the presses are listed below, can be activated from above

-iron ingot


-andesite alloy

-copper ingot



it will crush ores that pass through it, it can be activated from the side, when crushing it will throw items down, in addition to crushing the items that the conveyor belt brings, if you place a cobblestone or dirt on top of it it will also work, when grinding the cobblestone he will transform it into gravel, which if ground again can give some ores, but has a greater chance of coming flint


It can be used to heat iron and transform it into steel, it can roast raw iron, copper and gold, but it will not cook ores, this function belongs to the crusher, it can be activated from above


It does not need energy to be activated, but you can interact with filters to restrict the items to be taken, if you place one above the other, it will connect

Pressure Sensor:

It is the addon's last source of energy, it can activate and deactivate any system just by interacting with it, making it much more practical than the tank

Automation mechanism:

t will be used in crafts, it can be created manually on the crafting table or with a production line from the binding mechanism, which will go through a copper, iron and iron filter press again, it will become the automation mechanism

simply place a binding mechanism under a press with a copper bar to start production, we recommend placing this row of 3 presses right after a row that creates the binding mechanism

If you find an error, you can report it here, the gears and cables do not stop rotating even when a connection is cut, allowing it to be used for different decorations, but it will be useless in systems, as it cannot be desactivated

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