SpaceCraft 2 [v1.0.3]

Updated: Oct 3

SpaceCraft 2 is the successor to SpaceCraft. Improved oxygen system, more mods, and more quests.

You will start in an abandoned spaceship, there is a little bit of a backstory but it's not big, this isn't a story-based modpack. When spawning in, your oxygen will not go down. Move and you will be given a quest book, your oxygen will start going down, and it will tell you some info in chat.

It is recommended that you follow the quest book, it will give you all the information you need and guide you through getting a stable source of oxygen and resources, building a base, automating, upgrading, and killing bosses.

The quest book will give rewards automatically for completing certain quests.


Addon List

All addons are already downloaded in the world, so you don't have to


Set your game language to English Do not change any settings under Experiments or Cheats (you may allow Keep Inventory) Download .mcaddon (.zip works too) to update an already existing space craft 2 world. DO NOT USE THE UPDATE METHOD FOR SPACE CRAFT 1 WORLDS. START A NEW SPACE CRAFT 2 WORLD INSTEAD!

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