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The 'Roost BE' addon is an unofficial remake of the original 'Roost' mod, for Minecraft Bedrock Edition. The 'Roost BE' addon aims to create chickens made of different items and ores, which generate those same items or ores if placed in a roost. Watch the review of this addon in this video:

To start, you must create the simples chickens on a crafting table. These simpler chickens will be needed to create more complex chickens.

Continuing, you must create a chicken breeder, a block that will be used to create more complex chickens.

When you open the chicken breeder you will see the recipes for the chickens on the side.

After creating the desired chicken, you must add it to a roost.

You will have to wait a while and soon after you will get the desired item or ore. Remembering that the more chickens you insert in a roost, the faster it will be to complete the result.

When adding a chicken to a roost, the texture of the block will change.

Remembering that lava and water chickens result in an egg that contains the liquid corresponding to these chickens. See below.

If you want to insert a vanilla chicken from the game itself, you must create the chicken catcher.

After that, you must find a chicken on the map and capture it.

Items coming out of the roost can go into a funnel if there is one below the roost.

WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO: 1- You may not publish this addon on another website. 2- You cannot share on social networks this addon with the direct link to mediafire. 3- You cannot share on social networks this addon with its shortener for mediafire link. 4- You can share this addon on social networks with this address (, with the link my shortener, linkvertise, or with the link of my YouTube video. 5- You can share on social networks this website ( with your shortener. Only in this case can you share this addon on social networks with your shortener. 6- You cannot use my codes in your projects.


For you to use this addon on your map, you must activate the game's experimental features.


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