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Ritual Magic

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

This addon adds 13 new entities, and many structures which can be spawned through rituals. Ritual entities spawn randomly in your world, interacting with specific item on them can cause entities to spawn, structures to appear, or other effects.

This addon adds a naturally spawning entity called a ritual, dropping specific items on it will cause different things to occur.

Many items can be used on the rituals, the higher quality the item the better the structure that will spawn. The items and their "tier level" are listed below.

  • Cobblestone, Gravel, Dirt, Planks, Rotten Flesh - Tier 1

  • Logs, Flint, Wheat, Iron Nugget, Bone, Iron Ore, Redstone Dust, Coal - Tier 2

  • Iron Ingot, Gold Nugget, Spider Eye, Coal Block, Gold Ore, Redstone Block, Lapis Lazuli - Tier 3

  • Gold Ingot, Iron Block, Lapis Block, Dragon's Breath - Tier 4

  • Gold Block, Diamond, Emerald, Dragon Head, Netherite Scrap, Golden Apple, Saddle - Tier 5

  • Netherite Ingot, Diamond Block, Emerald Block - Tier 6

  • Nether Star, Dragon Egg, Heart of the Sea, Enchanted Apple, Netherite Block - Tier 7

Many of these mobs are difficult to kill, so it is recommended to have an addon that adds weapons along with this addon

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aCookie Fan
aCookie Fan
Apr 09, 2021

That doesnt work it just spawns bosses...

kaneki Kxn kaneki
kaneki Kxn kaneki
Jun 10, 2021
Replying to

your a dum bitch

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