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Recipe Randomizer

This addon swaps the recipes of every vanilla item in the game with any random recipe in the game. This essentially makes every recipe in the game have a different item output.

Every Recipe in the game has a different output. The output can be any random craftable item. I used c# to create this randomizer. You can choose from the following download links for a different random seed. You can check all of the recipes with the left menu. Wooden tools and oak planks are not randomized.

If you want to have different random recipes, or if you want to randomize modded recipes, you can get access to the program I made by doing the following: joining my discord server, becoming a channel member on my youtube or a patron on my patreon for $3, and asking for the program in the patreon chat on discord or private messaging me. The program only works on pc and I can help you set everything up.

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