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Updated: 6 days ago

Radioactivity! Something so important in real life! Therefore, I added it to Minecraft! 6 Radioactive Ores and 1 non-Radioactive Ore in total! And new machines and Items with them!

This Addon doesn't add too many Machines, this is because more will be added in another future addon of mine

Here the Credits:

Guide Book

The Guide book you will get when joining a new world When interacting on it with any Machines of the Addon, it will say a guide on how to use it. Which is why I only will give a small Description of Items and Blocks Or just sneak and interact so it explains the Radiation System



This addon adds 7 New ores! [Berkelium, Thorium, Uranium, Radium, Neptunium, Plutonium and Strontium]


Gaiger Counter

The first item is a Gaiger Counter, when interacted will tell you the amount of Radiation you have

Documentary Pieces

4 In total, those are only found in a structure and only has a bit of lore in them

Disk "Radioactive Disaster"

This Disk is found in the form of Fragments and also has lore in it

Potion of cure

This Potion is made out of Radium and will cure anything

Radioactive Core

Radioactive Core is used for Replacment for Crafting and as a power in some machines


Radioactive Container

The Radioactive Container can store an unlimited amount of Radioactive Elements/things


R.A.M, Gas pipes and Heat Pipes are the main Pipes in this Addon

Heat Exchanger

This is the Main Generator in this addon. It is compatible with RF from Advanced Machinery

Heat Storage and Destroyer

Those are fairly simple, the one Destroys Heat and the Other Stores it

Element Compressor

It will make nuggets to Ingots and Ingots to Blocks

Radioactive Compressor

Has a chance of turning stone/Deepslate to Radioactive Ores

Radioactive Converter

This Machine Turns Elements into other Elements

Radioactive Storage

Pretty self explaining, ain't it?

Gas Mixer

It will Mix Gasses together to create new things

Hydrogen, Fluorine, Chlorine and Oyxgen Extractor

They Extract the Gasses out of the air


The Only Structure is an abandoned Laboratory that spawns below Y = 0

And that is about it! This Addon is Compatible with the Following:


Ore trees

Advanced Machinery


Download RP

Download BP Ore generator pack [required]

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