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Pocket Dimensions

Updated: Feb 11


Pocket Dimensions is an addon that adds an infinite amount of completely random, new pocket dimensions. The addons are comprised of only vanilla blocks, and can be a good way to get resources as most Ores generated in a pocket Dimension will be in their block form as opposed to the regular ore form (i.e diamond ore > diamond block)

The dimensions you create learn from your surroundings and will reflect that in the dimensions themselves, for example, a dimension created in the jungle biome will have tall, jungle like trees, while a dimension created in a cave will, well, be a cave dimension.


Pocket Dimension Rift - Creates a pocket Dimension when used, can be crafted using 4 obsidian, 4 crying obsidian, or an end crystal, or by repairing the Unstable Rift item with only 4 obsidian. Pocket Dimension creation is based off of your surroundings, this may cause alot of lag on lower end devices

Dimension Destabilizer - when you are in a dimension you will have a dimension destabilzer, using this item will destroy your dimension completely and give you the Unstable Rift item. Using this item is the only way to leave dimensions. It can be used by interacting with it.

Unstable Rift - this item is the only thing left behind after you destroy your dimension, it does not have a use besides being repairable in a crafting table with 4 obsidian, repairing the item will turn it back into a Pocket Dimension Rift, which you can then use to create another dimension

Dimesnion Creation

Once you have created your dimension you will be automatically be teleported to it, dimensions have alot of variety, and you will never get the same dimension twice, Some dimensions have magma grass with orange concrete as stone, and others have scull leaves with a lower gravity than the regular world!

It is suggested that you don't make dimensions in areas that have no grass, and in areas that you've already been in.

If possible, avoid including water in your dimensions, as this could cause damage to your overworld, but that's only a suggestion!

It Is also suggested you don't create a dimension in an area with alot of bamboo or cactus, as they will often break in the dimension creation process which could cause a LOT of lag.

Once you are in your dimension, you are free to explore, and more importantly, mine! Copper, gold, iron, and diamond Ores generated in pocket dimensions generate as their block form! So dimensions can be an easy way to get alot of resources

All dimensions will be 64x64x64 blocks and will be composed out of ONLY vanilla blocks, all possible blocks you can find in dimensions are;

Almost all concrete variants



Warped and crimson nylium

Almost all stained Glass variants

Copper, gold, iron, coal, and diamond Blocks



Any natural overworld block, (rare)

Deepslate (will only generate if you create a dimension in deepslate caves)

Creating a dimension below layers y -35 could result in a completely empty dimension.

Generally, if you arent in a grassy area with atleast 30 blocks above you and 30 blocks blelow you, your dimension will either be broken, or just be empty, so this wont work with things such as skyblock or on a superflat world.

When sharing this addon, do not provide a direct link to the download page, only link to this page.

Make sure all experiments are activated before using this addon, (1.20 is optional)

Any questions? Ask me them on discord! ( HamBamBallam#6885 )


V1.2.1 Changelog

- (Hopefully) fixed a bug where liquid blocks would be left behind after creating a pocket dimension

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