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Plankz+ by JayCubTruth

Plankz+ by JayCubTruth

Plankz+ features 144 new colors of planks and 25 new shapes (& fences)! The shapes can be rotated any direction!

Click Here to see the "Non-Cursed" edition which removes curves & round parts!

If you want normal color wood shapes, check out my other addon Blockz+!

Also, check out these functions created by Jayson Harris!

How to Use

You obtain the new planks by surrounding any color of dye with wood in a crafting table like the image below. ​Each wood type produces a different shade of color. Some wood types are bright and some are dull!

The new shapes are obtained using a stonecutter.

Craft the Blockz+ Wrench by placing 3 iron ingots into a crafting table diagonally.

​You can rotate shapes by right clicking them with the wrench in EITHER HAND.

Alternatively you may right click it with an empty hand + crouching to rotate the block.

You can also craft fences, fence gates, slabs, and stairs (using the vanilla recipes)

Shapes ​

In addition to the shapes below, it also features slabs, stairs, fences, and fence gates!

  • Round

  • Corner

  • Slant

  • Curve

  • Bit

  • 1/4

  • 1/2

  • 3/4

  • Arch

  • Y

  • Triangle

  • Studs

  • Right L

  • Left L

  • Point

  • Pillar

  • Angle

  • Rod

  • Sheet

  • Curve Corner

  • Curve Bend

  • Round Corner

  • Round Bend

  • Angle Corner

  • Angle Bend


Each type of wood will produce a different shade. Red Oak is different from Red Spruce. Some types of wood are very dull, and others are very bright! This is on purpose.


  • Red

  • Orange

  • Yellow

  • Lime

  • Green

  • Cyan

  • Light Blue

  • Blue

  • Purple

  • Magenta

  • Pink

  • Brown

  • Black

  • Gray

  • Light Gray

  • ​While


  • Oak

  • Spruce

  • Birch

  • Acacia

  • ​Jungle

  • Dark Oak

  • Mangrove

  • Warped

  • ​Crimson

How to Install

​Double Click the "Plankzplus_V2_By_JayCubTruth.mcaddon" file and it should automatically open and import to minecraft. Once imported you can add it to your world by going to the world settings and clicking behavior/resource pack in the lower left corner. From there you will click on "my packs", select Plankz+ by JayCubTruth, and select "activate". Next you must make sure that "Holiday Creator Features", "Upcoming Creator Features", and "Molang Features" are turned on or it will not work! You can find them in the "game" section of your world if you scroll down. Once that's done you are ready to go! ​ View "How To Install" Video on Youtube >>

Download Plankz+

JayCubTruth Youtube

JayCubTruth Discord

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