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Night Siege

Updated: Sep 4

This addon is Inspired by a mod named "Bloodmoon" made by Lumien231 & by a addon named "Bum_Bloodmoon" made by ClouddSpiderr

Although some things are Identically Similiar... But!

In this addon there are: ◆ No Red Tinted Moon,Sky & Fog ◆ Not Every 8 Nights, so it's Randomized


"Night Siege"

This is an Event that makes Hostile Mobs to spawns More than it used to be...

This event only occurs in the Night It's Randomized so it has a Small Chance [30:300] to occur in each nights!

The Hostile Mobs that'll spawn are:

30% Zombie ◆ 25% Skeleton ◆ 20% Creeper ◆ 15% Spider ◆ 10% Enderman ◆ 5% Zombie Villager ◆ 2% Witch ◆ 1% Phantom


◆ These Mobs will only spawn on Surface

So Underground is Safer as a place to pass the event

◆ This event is Affected by the game difficulty

So it can be easier in easier difficulty & harder in harder difficulty


◆ You Still Able to Sleep the night...

[Intentional Bug] But the event will Still Continue until Sunset!

◆ Also a Message will popped out on the chat:

The Night Siege is coming... & The Night Siege has ended...


Ofc Tartarean Mobs is Working with this addon!

Required Experimental Feature:


[Scroll the Subpacks]:

◆ Working on 1.17.0+!


Download the Addon

Enjoy & Have a Night Siege!

================================================ > Join My Discord Group < If You're Curious about My Addons Progress!

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