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New Enchantments

Updated: Oct 16

- is an Add-On that adds 5 new enchantments.

Added Enchantments:

▪︎- Ice Aspect I

▪︎- Exploding I

▪︎- Poison I

▪︎- Life Regen I

▪︎- Lightning I


▪︎- Ice Aspect I = apply slowness to the mob you hit

▪︎- Exploding I = blow up a small area where you hit the mob

▪︎- Poison I = apply poison to the mob you hit

▪︎- Life Regen I = gives regeneration to the player for 1 second at level 4 when hitting a mob

▪︎- Lightning I = release lightning on the mob that the player hit

steps to get the books:

First you craft the book that adds it to the Add-On, then, with 30 xp level and hold shift with the Add-On book in your hand, click on an Enchantment table to get it.

steps to enchant the tools:

with some of the additional books from the Add-On + some Minecraft or Add-On sword in the first slot of the hotbar + a 30 level xp hold shift click on an anvil.

Features that need to activate:

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