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Netherte plus

Updated: Apr 3, 2022

Netherite plus is just a cool addon that adds more netherite upgrades to the game. So you have more fun while playing it.

Netherit plus will add 3 new netherite bars:

  • Leatherite: acts same as leather, have some properties in common, can be used to move on powder snow(can't dye). It can be used for armor only.

  • Turtlite: is a turtle armor, cool looking armor, and have the same power as the turtle helmet. For armor only

  • Cactusite: Cactus armor, a cool armor that is so hard to make. To make it you need to craft Cactus x9, then Cactus x81, then Cactusx729. Any two armor pieces will give full armor. There is some new tools for it:

  1. Cactusite sword: a strong 2 edged sword, you will get hurt after evry hit. 30 damage.

  2. Cactusite PickAxe: a pickaxe axe and a shovel. Can dig 3x3, should work with custom ores


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