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Updated: Sep 29

I know, there was a Nether Update Before,

HOWEVER I Still think the Nether has a lot of potentials

so I added everything that I thought was Good for a new Nether Update

Let's begin with the New Stone Types!

Paraibya/Burmastone and Berly Shale Stone All Spawn around the Nether but Paraibya only in the Warped Forest

Next up we got Wood Types!

Death Cap spawns only in a Biome called the "Death Cap", it is a green Stem block!

Chaga Stems are only found in the Crimson Forest and spawn pretty commonly there. it is Black and Orange

Psilocybe Stems only spawn in Warped forests and are pretty rare. It is purple and red.

Next Up Mobs!

Blazes when spawning in Crimson or Warped Forests now have a different skin!

And there now are Baby Ghasts! They do not attack the Player

Chaga, Crimson and Warped Mooshroom

spawn around the nether! they work like normal mooshrooms but just for their own Fungi type. You can even milk their stew!

Now we have the Ores!

Mercury and Gallium spawn commonly in the Nether and need a Bucket to be picked up!

Mercury and be made into a Potion that removes Wither, Poison and Fatal Poison for 2 Minutes! But if taken more then 5 Times it will give the Player a 2 Minute Wither effect

And Gallium can be used to Duplicate Metals and To Fix Anvils!

And that is about it!

Yes This Addon isn't suppose to change the entire Nether, therefore it is just a pretty small addon! I hope you enjoyed it tho! I made a Video about the Addon too so check it out!

Download RP Download BP

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