Mutant Creatures V3.1

NEW Mutant Creatures Add-on adds 20 mutants along with minions and easter eggs in Minecraft Bedrock with incredible powers... If you are looking for an add-on to increase the game difficulty a few notches then this is a great option. This means that the world will be a lot more difficult as each mutant is much stronger than its predecessors. Neither of the mutants gets affected by fall damage or knockbacks.


This add-on is allowed to be published on this site, but no other websites except a few... or applications aren't allowed without the permission of the creator.

Mutant Creatures

Mutant Zombie & Husk: This is basically a buffed-up version of the ordinary zombie. They can be stopped by being knocked down, but they will rise and get stronger. They are able to summon minions that last for around some seconds. Using flint and steel when knocked down can be able to defeat these Mutants

Mutant Bouldering & Lobber Zombie: Mutated beasts but they look oddly different. Two ordinary zombies that were a part of Minecraft Earth, which got discontinued in mid-2021. They don't have any special abilities like summoning minions but they prefer what they have. Lobber Zombies throws their poison flesh while Bouldering Zombie climbs with their buffed Arms on walls like a spider.

Mutant Creeper: The beast with four legs and a crooked neck makes them look similar to a spider, but a little bit scarier. Previously creepers were afraid of ocelots but as a mutant, they take their revenge. They cause much greater explosions, summon their minions, and are immune to explosions! Once defeated at low health, just run!

Mutant Skeleton & Stray: Both of these mutants became the master of archers with their own special arrow that will pierce any mobs it makes contact with. Once they are knocked down for the first time, they will have a second phase that will be a blast! Knocked down for the second time will explode into pieces.

Mutant Wither Skeleton: This type of Wither Skeleton has never looked more frightening other than its two Stone Swords. This mutated beast is more dangerous than Mutant Skeleton and Stray. As it gets knocked down, it will just make it worse to fight against with its special ability.

Mutant Piglin & Piglin Brute: This piglin beast with its own Crossbow and Golden Sword is only neutral that's if a player wears all gold. Giving them Gold or a Block of Gold will give them in return something more but takes longer than expected. Unlike Piglin Brute, it will attack instantly with its Golden Battle-Axe!

Mutant Zombie Piglin & Pigman: One of the neutral mutants that only attacks if it's being attacked. It walks on lava and summons minions as well. With its golden sword, it will deal loads of damage. Using flint and steel will have no effect. Yet... A Pigman variant was a thing back in the old days

Mutant Snow Golem: This is a stronger version of Snow Golem. Like leaving a trail of snow, this one will turn water into ice! Any monster in sees will throw ice blocks! Tamed will be always let only one player ride it! Also, use Shears to get that Derpy look.

Mutant Iron Golem: A powerful golem beast that is very like the warden. It doesn't spawn naturally but it's a gift. It can take down multiple mutants at full power, but after harsh battles, it will need to be repaired over time. Up to 2 players are able to ride it but the beast doesn't go at full power.

Mutant Axolotl: The cute and deadly beast that has a powerful tail. It rarely lives in lush caves but is able to breathe both air and water, but its powerful tail can sure deliver damage.. kinda similar to a crocodile... Great idea right?!

Mutant Ocelot: A strange leopard, bobcat, and tiger mutated beast, with types of variants. The casual one that lives in the jungle, A lush cave variant somehow surviving in the deep caves, and a snow variant that walks very lightly on powdered snow. One of the fastest mutated beats that no other mobs can beat. No wonder it's rarely seen.

Mutant Wolf: This mutated wolf is slightly larger than before and also stronger. Any animals it sees will go on the full attack! Once tamed, its health doubles and players will be able to ride it very similar to riding a horse and can also jump while riding. Why not dye the fur instead of collars.

Mutant Skeleton Wolf: This skeleton wolf was a reference from Minecraft Earth that got discontinued in mid-2021. It is slightly different than Mutant Wolf, it mostly lives in the nether and is hostile to any players or wolves it sees! Capturing this "Hell Dog" is no easy task, but if so there is a very rare chance to be tamed!

Mutant Spider Pig: This spider pig-NOT Spider-Man is mutated from a spider and a pig together!. Once it has a target, at a close rage, it will start using spider webs for no mob to escape! Any pigs or spiders it sees will mutate them into Spider Pigs & for some reason, it likes to attack creeper minions too...

Mutant Drowned: The powerful beast in the deep seas, lurking underwater. It swims extremely fast in the deep sea, It will summon minions that could have a trident. With its trident, it can deliver loads of damage. It can be annoying sometimes...

Mutant Enderman: The powerful mutated beast in The End dimension! This beast isn't like one of those Endermans. Instead, it is able to throw blocks and pretend into a clone to confuse its target! With the power of the roar, it will cause a player to get weakened into darkness and can stop the weather! Like a normal Enderman looking at it will attack using a carved pumpkin won't do anything!


Chemical X: The X potion that is the real cause of mutating mobs with a 50% chance! It can be craftable and brewable

Hulk Hammer: The Hammer that can deal damage to any mobs in close range, but takes some durability. It can be found by any mutant zombie's drop. It can be slowly repaired by attacking mobs with melee damage...

Creeper Egg: The egg that can be found from a mutant creeper explosion. It can be picked up by hold(touch), place(controller), or right-clicking(Windows), or trying to break the egg will have a chance to drop a Creeper Shard. It can be hatchable by simply... WAIT. It takes around 10-12 mins waiting time, perhaps lightning can reduce the time by half.

There are loads of easter eggs that can be found in this Add-On, like the Classics, Cosplays, and Youtubers!

Installation: 4 Steps to install the Add-On: 1. "Optional" If you still have the old versions of this add-on, please remove it in the Minecraft storage settings 2. Download The Add-On 3. Apply the packs for a world 4. Toggle on experiments for the full gameplay 5. Create the world


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