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More Gear

Updated: Feb 20, 2023

This addon adds 4 new sets of gear, all better than netherite! Each set of gear comes with a full kit of armor, pickaxe, axe, sword, and shovel! The sets are Bone Crusher, Mecha, Mystic, and Top Tier.

Update: All items (should) have durability and Xbox support has been added.

Everything in this addon is craftable in survival and all of the armor and tools can be obtained from the creative inventory. Crafting is a long but interesting process for everything in this addon.

Everything you need to know is in the video below, including how to craft!

Everything in the addon can be seen below

Bone crusher gear – slightly better than netherite

Mecha gear – Very very good, not enchantable

Mystic gear – Very enchantable, slightly better than bone crusher

Top tier gear – The best gear obtainable

I tried my best to make pickaxes, axes, and shovels break every normal block at a normal speed.

Some tips for the addon –

– Use a stonecutter to get bone dust

– You can craft enchanted apples with the classic recipe (you need them for a recipe in the addon)

– If you want to prepare for mecha gear, have access to bedrock

– If you see lapis, either don’t mine it or use silk touch so you can get mystic gear

– Top tier gear is created by combining mystic and mecha gear, so don’t throw it away when you are ready to upgrade

Known issues:

The blocks do not have names, but they are also not obtainable without commands or pick blocking in creative. Some tools are unable to break a very small amount of blocks.

How to download/install addons

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