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More Chickens

An addon inspired by the java mod Roost. This addon adds 148 new types of chickens each with special drops and recipes! Because of the tiers this adds a total of 444 new Chickens. Pickup chickens with the chicken wand and place them inside a roost to harvest their loot. Or breed them in the chicken breeder to get new chickens / upgrade its tier!

Chicken Vote 1.0.4

  • More chickens (16 new chicken types)

  • Functional blocks (like the roost / chicken breeder)

  • Both (will take longer to do)

Getting Started

With the More Chickens Addon you are able to pickup 148 new types of chickens. Just craft a Chicken Wand to pickup chickens then place them in a Roost to begin harvesting their drops. You can also just let them wander around since they will also just drop their block instead of eggs. Breed the chickens inside of the Chicken Breeder, make sure to turn All Items on to see all the recipes.

Breeding Chickens

To breed your chickens first pick them up using the chicken wand. Now open the Chicken Breeder to breed your chickens! Each tier 1 and 2 chicken will breed with its self to get the higher tier chicken. Breed the tier 3 chickens to get new types of chickens!

Harvesting Chickens

To harvest your chickens first pick them up using the Chicken Wand. Now open the Roost and place in your chickens! Each tier of chicken will have a chance to drop the corresponding amount of items (see chart below) The tier also determines how quick the chicken lays eggs / drops an item. If you do not want to use the Roost then you don't have to! Just let your chickens wander around and they will drop items every now and then based on the tier. See tier drop rates below (Roost spawns items every 100-150 seconds, times in the chart are for wandering chickens)

Drop Rates

Time (seconds)

Tier 1

1 Item


Tier 2

1-2 Items


Tier 3

1-3 Items



Step 1: Install the addon

Step 2: Open the addon with minecraft, then have fun playing with the addon! Make sure to let me know if you make a video with the addon id love to check it out!


Let me know how the addon is as well as any bugs you find at any of the socials listed in my linktree.

You may use this addon in your Youtube videos or on any other site as long as I am credited by using this page as a link. DO NOT post this addon on another addon website or app without linking this page as the only download. If you want to make a map using this addon contact me first to make sure I allow it.

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