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Modern Machinery

Updated: Sep 29

Modern Machinery It's an Addon that adds many new Machinery into the game! All..- Well Most are pretty unique and have interesting uses. You can combine them and do very cool stuff with them! Hope you enjoy it :]

Quick thing: Thanks for Vatonage and his addon Basic Machinery For the idea of Pipes! Credits: Thanks to Star Origins for helping by making the stone Compressor Texture! Basics: This addon adds 4 new Ores which are used in most machines

  • Yttrium (Mostly in Magic Machines)

  • Silicon

  • Nickel

  • Magnesium (Mostly in machines that use Pressure and heat)

They all also display where they are found:

These can be used to make Gears and Plates!

Machines and you!

This book you can craft, but you also get it when starting a new world! Interact with it on any machine and it will tell you what it does! Examples:

So let's get started with the machines and everything else! Basics 2.0 The Power Generators are the most important blocks in this addon They are used in almost all Machines/Generators There are:

  • Lightning Power

  • Magic Matter Power

  • Matter Power

  • Pressure Power

  • Matter Power L.v 2

The only way to transport the Powers is Pipes! There are 2 different Pipes Nickel and Silicon

They both work 1:1 the same way, with only one difference They don't connect! Therefore you can have a complicated Pipe system without it connecting to each pipe!

Machines: All the main Generators

  • End stone Generator

  • Cobblestone Generator

  • Cobbled Deepslate Generator

  • Fuel Generator

Other Machines All other Machines are:

  • Block Breaker

  • Block Smelter

  • Stone Compressor

  • Pressure Riser

  • Modded Stone Compressor

  • Tree Chopper

  • Fertilizer

  • Fisher

Other machines part 2 Other Machines are:

  • Diamond Generator

  • Pulsar

  • Mob Generator

  • Experience Generator

  • Farmer Machine

  • Item Magnet

  • Tnt Generator

Last part The Conveyor Belt is an item that works very simple and is also self-explaining There are 3 types of belts Elevator Conveyor Transporter

Copper Sieve

And last but not least is the Motherboard! This item is used in a lot of Machines and is complicated to make That is why I will show you the steps you have to follow:

And that is about it! This addon is compatible with the following addons: (M)ore

Village and Pillage+

Ore trees

Changelog: -Added Copper Sieve to get The Main Ingots in Skyblock/One block sky block -Added Fertilizer Upgrader -Removed Most Radioactivecraft Components -Added Delay to Machines -Fixed too many bugs to list


Download RP Download BP Ore Generator Pack [required]

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